Photograph of the Day – Nelson’s Office

DCAL HQ - Causeway Exchange and there certainly is an exchange going on about the Causeway. Is that irony or just being a product of the environment?

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  • Cynic

    So that’s what he means when he says that the Causeway is less than 6000 years old!

  • unionistvoter

    any chance of getting a photo of his private shower

  • Big Maggie

    Well, the typeface dates from 1926 so we’re halfway there :^)

  • Big Maggie

    Preferably unoccupied, thanks.

  • unionistvoter

    definitely though I understand that the cost of the shower will make Nelson blush anyway

  • Aaaaaah that explains it unionistvoter….i was worried there for a minute

  • A photo in the shower would however answer once and for all whether nelson belongs to one of the lost tribes of israel

  • Articles
    you’re a bad article 🙂

  • I was merely wondering whether Nelson wore his yarmulke as a shower cap.

  • Freya

    He’ll be raging you didn’t get his flag pole into the picture. He whinged long enough until it was put up I hear!

  • richiep

    I’d expect more leadership from someone called after Nelson Mandela.

  • No no he was called after McCausland airport parking, you know where you switch off your engine and depart on the flight of your dreams temporarily leaving planet eartth.