Friday Thread: The lost art of democratic debate…

Great TED lecture from Professor Michael Sandel who argues that in order to rejuvenate an old style inclusive political debate we must enable citizens to bring their own moral convictions to bear on democratic argument…

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  • Rory Carr

    Don’t worry, Mick there is little chance of any failure of those “citizens [(who comment on Slugger ) failing] to bring their own moral convictions to bear on democratic argument…” anytime soon I would imagine. Although sometimes I do get the impression that you might prefer if they were just a wee bit more reticent in that regard betimes.

  • Mick Fealty

    Why do you think that Rory?

  • I thought the essence of debate was to trash and thrash. Where does inclusivity come into it?

  • Mick,
    The problem with this argument is that it calls on folks to bring their own moral convictions to the table while at the same time entering into lucid/rational debate about those very same convictions. I just don’t see it happening.

    Slugger is the perfect example. While this site may serve as a place to learn more about other’s moral convictions and to gain a sense of empathy (that is Slugger at its best) it often times the “debate” is simply exchanged recriminations.

    The question is not how do we get people to bring their moral convictions to the debate, but how do we get people to put their moral convictions up to examination and critique within that debate as citizens?

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