Parnell Summer School and those damned ‘interwebs’…

Later today I’m going to be at the launch of the Parnell Summer School at Buswell’s in Dublin. I’ve been very kindly invited to give this year’s keynote speech in August. Working title: “New media, politics and culture: Can we ever fix what the Internet seems to have broken?

The core line of my argument is roughly that the new media revolution is actually about culture, not technology. And most of the distress arising from its shift relates to people not fully understanding that shift. Nor have we yet even begun realise it’s potential.

Between now and then I want to try and get under the skin of this cultural question. And that’s all about money and broken economic models. It’s about how it changing lives and how we access meaning in the cloud chaos of the net.

I’ll be referencing a few things from some pretty high end projects  like Chris Wild’s Retroscope (not publicly available yet, but you can in the meantime have a look at his blog). And stuff like Amanda’s new Cyber Sorter column in the Irish Times (drop her a line by email – she needs lots of really knotty problems to work on), which is an educative attempt to jump over the hype and paranoia that so often surrounds the discussion of new media and get at the human issues, underlying these new connective technologies.

Anyway, if you are about the centre of town this evening and you fancy coming along, I’ll see you there… In the meantime, between now and August, please do send me anything, journalism, research, blog posts, flickr pics you think will feed into the conversation, and I’ll promise pull some of my thoughts together in the run up to August…

Mick is founding editor of Slugger. He has written papers on the impacts of the Internet on politics and the wider media and is a regular guest and speaking events across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Twitter: @MickFealty