Photograph of the Day – No Ball Games

No Ball Games just hard ball sectarianism

Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium posted a letter through the door yesterday informing me that they are to hold a public meeting to discuss the “recent rise of interface incidents in East Belfast, BCRC and its Key Area Contact network (whatever that means)”

The leaflet then goes on to say “the following agencies will contribute to the meeting: PSNI, Belfast City Council Community Safety Partnership, Youth & Justice Agency, Charter NI and Short Strand Partnership”

It also asked for any questions to be submitted in advance (my added emphasis) to Sam White, BCRC Community Development Officer

I’ll be firing off an email with a couple of questions particularly about the above at Cluan Place

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  • Little James

    Must be getting it tight with funding, lets rattle the sabres and tell everyone about the important work we do.

  • lover not a fighter

    In the abscence of ball games lets do the loving thing.

    It looks like your trying to edge closer to me ! ! !

  • Canny See It Sur

    I don’t see where the “hard ball sectarian” comment comes from? Is it the Union Flag flying sideways? The Sinn Fein poster? The Ireland football Jersey? Or is it just the bricked up doorway?

    Whilst the point of the text is fine, I fail to see how this picture is supposed to tell it’s 1000 words.

    I suppose it’s true… Some people can look at anything and find offence.

  • lover not a fighter

    Lets go over the top together !

    That would be a whole new ball game !