St George’s Market set to open for business on a Sunday

Belfast City Council has just voted by 28 votes to 13 to allow St George’s market to open on a Sunday.

The Council’s Development Committee, now headed by Conor Maskey, voted against an amendment tabled by the DUP, which asked for the proposal in the minutes to be put back until a strategic plan could be put in place. It was effectively another delaying tactic by the DUP who have dragged their heels at every turn over the past few years since the idea was muted and tabled.

The decision is to be welcomed as the market has a proven track record of success as regards drawing crowds and providing a safe, neutral space and good food.

Friends of St Georges who have been lobbying for this move, are delighted with the decision especially as they have already booked the market for the Market Memories Weekend.

Which just leaves the question of running the marathon on a Sunday i suppose?

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  • OK will it be open before 1pm – if not then the god squad are still in control of it.

    And yes, if the marathon does end up on a sunday I WILL RUN IN THE FIRST ONE!

  • HeinzGuderian

    Any sign of the bookies being allowed to open on a sunday,or is that still centuries away ?

  • Dan

    Haven’t been there even once before but will definately check it out now. Not really a surprise though, nobody under 50 cares about religion anymore. Sinn Féin doing something useful however, there’s the real shocker.

  • Ludwig
    Seeing the tourists wondering around on a Sunday morning being pestered by the sight seeing bus vendors is as good a reason as any to ensure the market is opened early for sure. Don’t know how likely that is but the Dev committee is looking into it so i’m told.


    Fridays Variety market is the best imo as theres all sorts of knick nacks and bargains to be had.

  • Dan

    Will do, thanks.

  • Watcher

    About time.

    Not just update licensing laws and other Sunday opening hours and we might be going somewhere…

  • Every journey begins with a step…….small or large it is a step in the right direction

  • Neil

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Dan

    Marches on a Sunday perhaps?

  • joeCanuck

    Ah, but will the swings be unlocked? Can’t have the childer having any fun.