International Piracy?

Whilst reports at the moment are little sketchy it appears that an aid convoy to Gaza has been attacked by Israeli commandos and that there are a number of deaths.

It seems that the attack also happened in International waters which would make this attack on a flotilla of boats travelling from Cypress piracy.

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Live reporting from the Guardian

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a couple of photos from yesterdays vigil/protest at City hall. I’d estimate that there were around 300 people in attandence (and quite a few folks bemused as they tried to get to the Spring Continental Market in the grounds of City Hall)

one particularly vocal Palestinian protester proclaiming "Palestine is still Palestine" as she held a necklace around her neck. She has been her for 47 years and her sister and other relatives live in Gaza.

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  • Jean Meslier

    The Dublin Govt. had an ideal opportunity yesterday to deliver an independent blow against this Israeli aggression by expelling their Ambassador.

    However if Biffo has even half -a-one then he must declare the Rachel Corrie as a no-board zone for the Israeli’s.

    If Netanyahu’s inherent racism and his quest to make up for the military f**kup means he tries another corner boy effort then Dublin must immediately recall our Ambassador and send that nauseating cretin of an Israeli Ambassador packing.

  • Jean Meslier

    I completely agree. Everyone must watch for the Rachel Corrie and hope she gets to Gaza unmolested.

    Biffo did say there would be serious consequences if anything happened…I hope it was more than the usual bout of wind.

  • andnowwhat

    RS said as much, but if Lebanon is standing up to israel, I still think Hezbollha are supplying the resolve. Its unlikely they would overlook this opportunity to show ‘they had not gone away’ and have in fact grown in influence.

  • andnowwhat

    Some times the simplest answer can be the right one Pippa. I really think israel has done it this time and in their arrogance (predacated on what they have been allowed to get away with before) they just don’t realise it.

    Be it a Hezbollah influence or whatever, I think it is simply a matter of being peed off with israel.

  • andnowwhat and Republican Stones

    The Rachel Corrie, an Irish humanitarian aid ship, and possibly one other, are still on their way to Gaza. I hope the ships get there and that everyone keeps a close eye on their journey…

  • andnowwhat

    The Irish goverment have demanded it gets a safe journey Pippa.

    I really can’t see the israelis going anything

  • Perhaps but the Lebanese government have sat on their hands for a very long time…

  • andnowwhat

    I hope you are right, but the Israeli government have said they will not lift the blockade. The good news is the US are sounding tough and that may make the difference this time.

  • andnowwhat

    Timing is everything Pippa. When you take on israel you take on the U.S. too.

    I’ll te;; you what I think the most disgusting thing is about this. It kind of goes back to what Fisk said but when we hear about 1,300 Palestinians being killed it’s like when we eat farmed chicken.

    When we here it’s westerners, it’s like we’ve been presented with dog meat.

    Only when it dropped on our proverbial doorstep did we all get so worked up.

  • RepublicanStones

    Lebanese govt is a mess. The confessional system is a joke particularly for a land which is steeped in clan type politics.

  • andnowwhat

    Sorry Pippa. I meant to go on to say this would be a good time to take on israel as its international sympathy is at a serious low. (I’m watching a Brazillian fighting a american in Japanese. My mind is a bit confused)

  • andnowwhat

    Oh Im not sure about that there have been threads on Slugger and of course other sites, and all the exclamations each time Israel has gone too far. It was those protests that finally got the two state solution.

    This has been one of Israels biggest PR mistakes and gives the Palestinians an opportunity to state their case and move forward backed by the immense international outrage. I hope it works for Palestine, at least in getting the blockade lifted. we will know soon enough.

    Brazilian fighting American – in Japanese???

    Well done you!

  • Brian

    There is going to be a war this summer. Hezbollah and Hamas coordinated against Israel, with Iran and Syria going to war by proxy.

    Iran and Syria know that US is too tied up and unsure of their strategy to help their ally or back them unequivocally as in years past. This summer is a great opportunity for them. This was probably all part of the plan to get everyone incited to a fever pitch.

    This summer will be very interesting…how will Obama respond?

  • Brian

    I have to agree with you, it was a big PR blunder.

    I found it interesting that before anyone knew what really happened on that boat the usual suspects on both sides were busy posting 100+ comments.

  • andnowwhat

    We needthe setlers out Pippa. I hera today that the Palestinians are left with something like 25% of their land left.

    The positive effects worldwide could be fantastic.

  • Alias

    *Yawn* You’re forgetting which side has the nukes.

  • Brian

    The reason there were a hundred comments early on is because everyone knows the Israelis.


    Not sure how easy it will be to remove settlers. Some of them have been there for quite a long time. I agree most of them must be moved, or find themselves living in Palestine or Syria… and no it should not be a choice, unless the choice is to move back to the pre six day war borders.

    Hope you enjoyed your multi national ‘free for all’?

  • andnowwhat

    Pippa, I think where Palestinians can prove the land was theirs then the settlers should be moved. It’s not the Palestinans problems.

    RE my language thing. I’ve just been talking to an 80 year old Dutch/Indonesian who despite living in america for 50 years has a very poor grasp of english lol

  • Munsterview

    Thanks driftwood, missed the Indo today

  • Munsterview

    And you are forgetting who also have nukes and would be not too well disposed to seeing their islamic brothers and sisters eliminated.

    If memory serves me right their last encounter with the Hezbollah did not fare to well for the third or is it the fourth most powerful army in the world.

  • Jimmy Sands

    You don’t appear to have read the document you linked.

  • RepublicanStones

    Andknowwhat its quite a bit less than 25 percent. Gaza and West Bank make up 22 percent of mandate Palestine. But you have to factor in Oslo and the 3 designated areas of the West Bank. P.A controlled area, joint PA and Israeli controlled and the third which is Israeli controlled. Of course Israel ‘reserves the right’ to go into any part of the OPT.

  • Argosjohn

    It is all quite simple. The nuclear state of Israel believe they have the right to kill anyone and everyone. So too do their supporters here. Some, Christian nut cases, do so for ideological reasons. Others, supporters of Protestant death squads, admire the genocidal gene.

    Driftwood, a Loyalist, calls it an armada of death. So Mairead Corrigan and those on the Rachael Corrie (named after an unarmed US victim of Israeli terrorism) are all legitimate targets
    Guderian, using a Nazi general’s name, is probably a Zionist sock puppet, ordered to scramble as part of Israel’s disinformation plans.

  • Jean Meslier

    “..Guderian, using a Nazi general’s name, is probably a Zionist sock puppet, ordered to scramble as part of Israel’s disinformation plans…”


    I would hazard Guderian “no-Information” as the man hasn’t a clue. It’s all just verbal diarrhea.

    These Nazi types really fascinate me.
    In the 1940’s they were the last in a long line of Christian institutions/countries who had systmetically mudered Jews down through the centuries.
    All in the name of indoctrination from a dubious book – the Bible – to put it mildly.
    Alas the master race has perished, so who do they latch onto?
    Yes why not go for the Zionist state of Israel. Sure isn’t it so naturally logical?
    But weren’t the Jews among the millions the Nazi’s exterminated?
    Don’t worry about that, the Israeli’s are as racist as Heinz and his ilk.
    It’s all about killing innocent Palestinians and their aid workers now.

    Hooray for the mind of a simple fascist.

  • Duke

    Somali pirates came to be, when they discovered other countries were dumping toxic waste in their fishing waters. they cannot be used as a comparison to the pirates of isrl.