Poster boys (& girls) – mapping offenders

Daphne Trimble posing in front of an election poster mounted on a trailerIt is now time for election posters to be removed from display. So lets do the stragglers a favour by locating those still up. If you have a Google account you should be able to add the details directly to this map, then click on Edit, zoom in to the area, and click on the map pin icon to add your poster. If not post the information and I will enter it for you. Location, offending party/candidate and date spotted required.
View Election posters – NI 2010 in a larger map

I wonder who will be the worst?

As the Andersonstown News notes:

A DoE spokesperson told the Andersonstown News yesterday: “Prior to any election Planning Service writes to all political parties reminding them of their statutory obligations for displaying election  posters, including positioning, road safety issues and subsequent removal within 14 days of the poll closing.
“Failure to remove the posters may result in the initiation of enforcement action against parties under planning legislation (Article 67 (control of advertisements) of the Planning Northern Ireland Order 1991) which could result in court action and the imposition of a significant fine up to £2,500 and daily fines for continuing offences,”

View Election posters – NI 2010 in a larger map
View Election posters – NI 2010 in a larger map

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  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    For the record Joe, I don’t think there will be a re-run, and if there is I reckon the SDLP will find an excuse to sit this one out, resulting in cuddly Michelle cruising home pretty comfortably.

    However I’m glad that Rodney is mounting the challenge (as SF most certainly would) — at the very least it shows that Unionism is fighting it’s corner and could well expose a few ‘anomalies’ as regards the conduct of the election.

    Although I’ve been around for quite a while, I’m not a regular contributor so I honestly can’t comment on your political affiliation or lack thereof. The bewildering amount of morphing carried out by all the local parties recently would try the loyalty of any supporter, so I think it’s best not to stick labels on people.

  • Kevin McIlhennon

    Adam McGibbon, Green Party still has a poster up opposite the Europa Hotel on Great Victoria Street. Seen on 27/05/2010

  • joeCanuck

    Anyone (moderator?) got an explanation for the disappearance of so many (all innocuous) comments?

  • Mick Fealty

    Nope. Looks like a technical hitch. Word Press is a little sensitive over the iframes it take to embed the map. Apologies to all concerned. Stewards inquiry in the morning. After which we hope not to make the same mistake again.

  • Declan O’Loan’s is still up outside Ballycastle Golf Course – is that still SDLP’s problem?!

  • The Green fella, McGibbon on the Ormeau Embankment.

  • apollo293867

    Well Mr Mckinney SDLP has loads on the Sligo Rd outside Enniskillen. Mr Buchanan has some in Dromore in Co Tyrone. Mr Hussey has some on the Omagh to Strabane Rd. Ms Gildenew has one on the Maguiresbridge side of Lisnaskea.

  • Ladder Man

    Will be taken down tonight after parish mission

  • brasco

    SDLP posters still in the New Lodge, Twibrook and Lisburn…UUP posters around Tesco`s in Lisburn…

    Green posters still around Ormeau…

  • Mark McGregor

    Thanks for the locations. Can people try and be as specific as possible. Thanks.

  • BOM

    Jim Allister also has one beside Ballycastle Golf Club.

  • grandimarkey

    South Down Green Party candidate Cadogan Enright has one on Church Street in Warrenpoint…

  • Freya

    Never mind the posters, I have nearly had my eye taken out by the plastic tags left on lamp posts in Belfast City Centre. It’s impossible to identify who’s responsible for these so who will take them down?

  • Parson

    Three Trevor Ringland posters that I’ve seen in East Belfast – one on the Lower Newtownards Rd, one at Belmont Rd/Massey Ave junction and one on Massey Ave itself. A Jimmy Spratt poster on the Lisburn Rd (close to the PSNI station) and a Paula Bradshaw poster on Balmoral Avenue.

  • Wesley

    TUV – Lucas on Moss Road, Glengormley
    UCUNF – Cobain on Antrim Road, Glengormley
    SDLP – Bryne in Toome village

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    In fairness there are very few clusters of posters. The ones I see are obviously strays which have been overlooked. McCrea poster between Nutts Corner Roundabout and Moira Roundabout (sorry Mr McGregor but Id rather not be specific).
    Not been to Lurgan in a couple of weeks and thought I had hit the motherlode of election posters near Tesco. Disappointingly they were for Tom Duffy of the Circus Party.

  • Mark McGregor

    Can’t add them to the map then.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Not bothered.

  • Mark McGregor

    You shouldn’t have (as usual)

  • Since my insightful comments were deleted last night and since I have forgotten what they were, I’ll just say the following. On the eastern edge of the town Gröbenzell, there is a poster put up by local farmers demanding that they receive no less than 40 cents for each litre of milk that their cows produce. Its been there for at least 18 months. Its just a few hundred yards from the Tengelman supermarket, Mark, if you want to add it.

  • PJ Maybe

    The Diane Dodds poster currently hung on the fence of the small electrical substation beside “The Brambles” on the Old Carrick Road. Looks like hasn’t shared the ignominious fate of the one that was on a lamp post beside Abbey Presbyterian Church on the Monkstown Road. It fell down a matter of days before it was replaced by one er “extolling” the mmm “virtues” of Sammy Wilson

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Campaign posters at Leven Road, Lurgan and outside St Colmans Cemetry, (North?) Circular Road Lurgan.

  • Wesley

    Sdlp in ballycastle on cushendall road
    TUV – morrison on approach to ballygally from larne
    TUV – Ross in Portrush near Skerries Caravan Park on Dunluce Road
    TuV – Ross at York Hotel and also at Portstewart Primary School
    Sdlp poster near Tesco – Coleraine

  • apollo293867

    SF poster near the DUP office in Enniskillen Ouch!

  • Brasco

    more green posters on the Lisburn Rd….seems they don`t practice what they preach!

  • East Belfast’s Voice of Tolerance Vance Orange Day glo poster still up on Beechfield St off Templemore Ave outside the school.
    Also at Cluan Place a Niall ODonnghaile poster awaiting a firey fate on the 12th

  • David Cather

    Will deal with the Spratt poster on the Lisburn Road shortly, I would suggest that the listing of a Spratt poster outside Crossgar is probably a mistake??

  • David Cather

    Or put it like this, if there is a Spratt poster in Crossgar, could whoever nicked it please take it down!

  • Mark McGregor

    Deleted the Spratt entry at Crossgar.

    Some people aren’t giving the party or a good enough location but we have nearly 40 spread all over the place with SF being the least bad with only one real report (discounted Cluan Place)

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Dolores Kelly SDLP poster at the bend in the road outside Maghery GFC club. The only poster in the vicinity and probably overlooked.
    Spotted last night.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Daphne Trimble poster still up outside Magheragall Parish Church, Ballinderry Road, Lisburn. No real excuse for this one as the church hall was a polling station.

  • Unlucky Erb

    North Belfast. Oldpark Ave.

    Halfway up is an Alban Maguinness poster – slightly turned round so it faces into what I presume is the bedroom window. Imagine opening yer curtains and seeing that every morning!

    I know Alban is probably a bit sore about his lack of votes in the area, but that’s just cruel.

  • Brasco

    DUP posters still up in Dunmurry Lane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark McGregor

    Still a Conservative and Unionist one at the top of my street and an SDLP one at my childrens’ school. The locations were notified on the map so clearly they at least didn’t pay any attention to this public service entry.

  • Kevin McIlhennon

    Gerry Kelly and Alban Maginness posters up outside Ballygolan Primary School on Vandyck Crescent in North Belfast.

  • By the way Mark, there are some Sammy Wilson posters still up in the Berchtesgaden area of Bavaria:

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Daphnie is still flying on the Belsize Road, Lisburn
    Humphrey DUP still up on Dunmurray Lane and Coogan (SF) still flying in Saintfield… of all places.