Poster boys (& girls) – mapping offenders

Daphne Trimble posing in front of an election poster mounted on a trailerIt is now time for election posters to be removed from display. So lets do the stragglers a favour by locating those still up. If you have a Google account you should be able to add the details directly to this map, then click on Edit, zoom in to the area, and click on the map pin icon to add your poster. If not post the information and I will enter it for you. Location, offending party/candidate and date spotted required.
View Election posters – NI 2010 in a larger map

I wonder who will be the worst?

As the Andersonstown News notes:

A DoE spokesperson told the Andersonstown News yesterday: “Prior to any election Planning Service writes to all political parties reminding them of their statutory obligations for displaying election  posters, including positioning, road safety issues and subsequent removal within 14 days of the poll closing.
“Failure to remove the posters may result in the initiation of enforcement action against parties under planning legislation (Article 67 (control of advertisements) of the Planning Northern Ireland Order 1991) which could result in court action and the imposition of a significant fine up to £2,500 and daily fines for continuing offences,”

View Election posters – NI 2010 in a larger map
View Election posters – NI 2010 in a larger map

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