Do you want to write for Slugger O’Toole?

Now we have moved over to the new site, we can be a little more flexible in providing writing slots for one off or occasional contributors: as you’ll see from the Derry essay series, and some of the new voices we’ve begun to ‘promote’ from the comment zone. I’m quite keen that we develop this much further, particularly in areas where we have perceived shortfalls in perspective.

To that end, I am keen to give greater voice to women (our biggest deficit), unionists, mainstream republicans, business people, Gaeilgeoirí, academics and politicians.

We are also keen to draw in perspectives from far beyond the Belfast Bubble. The Listenderry site, for instance, is part of a wider commitment to developing engaged conversations (ie run along the lines of ‘Slugger Rules‘, not absolute free-for-alls). With regard to Derry/Londonderry, I see my role as standing well back and helping facilitate local people in finding their own voices (with their choice of topics and audience), whether as bloggers, photographers, or musicians.

Slugger started out eight years ago as a one man band. It is very long time since I went on holiday and left it in the charge of six guest bloggers to do with it what they would. From then on my voice has only been one of many, whether that be our bloggers or the many intelligent and engaged commenters who spend more hours than I am sure is good for them reading and sharing their own perspectives on the site.

So, if you want to get started, either here or on, drop me a line: Even if it is only for a one off. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can write today.


  • Good Afternoon Mick, I’ve been an admirer of Slugger for 6 years now, I’d like to contribute with blogs as I’ve always been fascinated with Northern Irish Politics. I’m a Cultural Studies Graduate based in Dublin,. I’m currently doing Corporate Sales for the 2012 Olympics but I’d like to blog on Northern Irish Society and Culture in my spare time. My email is

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Ill drop you a line Mr Fealty. Indeed you have been negligent in not inviting me LOL.
    My problem is that I would probably post a comment disagreeing with myself.

  • joeCanuck

    The Listenderry site is a great idea.

  • Mick Fealty

    If you want to do a piece for it Joe, drop me a line…

  • Mick Fealty

    Nice one FJH! Seriously though, if you have an idea for a story you want to do, then drop me a line.

    Can I ask about the reference to an Irish regiment at Culloden?

  • Mr Crumlin

    Took my first step last week and have the taste for it. Next blog in the pipeline.

    Pro-GFA Republican!

  • Mark McGregor

    Interesting offer. If I can think of anything I’ll be in touch.

  • I wish Slugger luck in its expansion, (fear not, Im not applying!) I have noticed many detailed and relevant comments to postings and I think Slugger would benefit from the insights of such.

  • I’ll be happy to work on photographs to help illustrate articles if possible

  • Mark McGregor

    Well you could get down to Barcamp in the afternoon to sort out that profile pic for me.

  • yup i should be down around half 3 can’t get there any earlier failing that i’ll try to find a local farmer and take a photo of his prize bull’s arse 🙂

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Mr Fealty, Indeed ….although getting me started on Fitzjames Horse and Jacobite History is something most people regret after a few hours listening to me. Cant think why.
    There were actually parts of seven “Irish” regiments at Culloden (one cavalry FJH and six infantry). Most were captured at sea before they ever reached Scotland but 74 Cavalry and 307 Infantry were at Culloden.
    Technically they were not Irish although about 80% were born in Ireland. They were “French” which means that they were not “rebels” and were subject to the rules of War (ie were treated as POWs) which means they could cover the Highland rout in an orderly military fashion.
    But Culloden was 1746 not 1745 and my nom de guerre is specific to 1745.
    A lifelong interest in “Jacobite” History.
    And I own a horse called Fitzjames but like myself he has been put out to grass.
    Now I bet you regret asking. Most people do.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Incidently the idea of Poacher turned Gamekeeper is appealing but the idea of labelling myself as woman/man/academic/Gaeilgeoir/business man/unionist/republican is not something which appeals as I think theres too much partisanship.
    But yes I will think about it.
    As you know my interest is the Overclass, Journalists and Bloggerati.

  • Battle of the Bogside

    I don’t suppose you would let me do a piece on Derry?

  • Granni Trixie

    Are requests allowed? If so, I would plump for an occasional post from Finola Meridith.

    FJH: think on carefully, poacher may suit you better and should you post, I for one, will be very disppointed if its not funny (in all senses).

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Thank you granni trixie. Its a compliment…………I think. LOL
    Yes I see waht you mean.
    I cant take it all as seriously as I used to when I was a youngster.
    Of course as you know I have years of experience as a journalist. One of your fellow AP folks on here has (he claims) read my weekly columns from his childhood.
    But I think its good that Mr Fealty holds the door open for the occasional blog.

  • argosjohn

    It might be better if you had people banging on the same drum in separate threads. The abortion thread, for example, has died: another failed Sinn Fein plot? You and some others return to talking about the Interent a lot. That would best be done as a thread rather than a blog, methinks. A slight rejig, in other words.

  • lamhdearg

    Mick i feel the site is short on loyalist (dis and mainstream) and Ulster nats opinion.

  • Alias

    I’d agree with you there. I’d be interested in hearing your arguments for an independent Ulster. While the state wants to exclude that alternative, the state shouldn’t get the right to control the debate in a democracy.

  • Lionel Hutz

    Although I enjoy contributing on the political blogs, I wouldn’t be knowledgable to add any insight on it, especially considering the insight you already have.

    I have become interested however on the product of this new justice ministry. Northern Ireland is legally, both in the statutes and practice, a discreet little enclave with a number of different influences. I would be very interested in what gems of lawmaking Ford et al come up with and the effects it could have. I wouldn’t comment on individual cases mind you and I would have to be cautious on commenting on the current war with the bar regarding legal aid (the ramifactions of that are huge).

    I would also be interesting in blogging on little issues affecting the south west- particularly Tyrone.

  • Battle of the Bogside

    Republicans need not apply!

    p.s. I see Cecilia’s essay is posted on ‘LISTENDERRY’ with no author and commenting has been disabled. Does Slugger O’Toole/LISTENDERRY fear a backlash from Donegalians affected by VRT theft???

  • Steve

    Very interested to see this. Emailed the above address (with a little ISP hassle!)


  • Frontier Vulpine

    Perhaps an explanation as to where the PUP political analysis goes post David Ervine. My gut feeling on hearing Naomi Long’s result in East Belfast was that she had been partly elected on that mandate and the old labour sorts that persist in that constituency.