A row over two (not one, but two) symbols…

I’m not sure there is anything that underlines the current stasis in the new Peace Process™ more than this story of PSNI widow Kate Carroll, who has been trying to raise funds for a trip to the US. The Belfast Telegraph reports:

…the fundraising effort has been hampered by people refusing to sign the sponsor form — because it carries both the PSNI and GAA logos.

“It’s ridiculous. This has left me in tears,” said Kate, whose husband Stephen was shot by the Continuity IRA in Craigavon last March. People from one side of the community won’t touch it because it mentions the PSNI and some on the other side refuse to get involved because of the GAA logo.

“Others have given quite willingly — and they know who they are. But I’ve felt totally disillusioned by those who don’t want to know and it has upset me a lot. Most local people have been so helpful and supportive since Steve’s death and it’s a pity a sectarian element has crept into this.”

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  • A sad state of affairs indeed, people really must learn to look beyond such pettiness if we are to move on as a progressive, tolerant country. The sooner, the better.

    Do you know if there is anywhere online I can donate to her cause?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    A very sad commentary.
    And it relects badly on the extremes within both communities.
    Some wont accept the PSNI at any price.
    Some wont accept the GAA (and associated culture) at any price.
    We always have difficulties with acceptance. Some will lean more to 12th July than 17th March (or Easter). Some will embrace an Easter lily and repudiate a November poppy.
    Cheer on the Republics soccer team and rejoice in Norn Irons failures. Or vice versa.
    Become like Gregory Campbell and welcome Tyrones success on the basis that a “northern ireland team did well abroad” and so on. Both extremes.
    It is of course perfectly legitimate to support ones own “side” without denigrating the other lot.

    Yet Im not sure that GAA involvement is maybe counter-productive.
    Was Constable Carroll actually a member of the GAA as was the thankfully surviving Peadar Heffron? I can of course understand the GAA particuarly the Lurgan clubs being anxious to help as a way of repudiating his vile murder at the hands of so called republicans. But if it actually damages the worthy cause and turning unionists off supporting it then it is possibly not a good idea.
    Of course the less said about the pathetic morons who wont support it because of a PSNI symbol the better.

    Yet in sheer practical terms the publicity generated will guarantee that enough funds are raised…
    We can only wish Mrs Carroll and her family well.

  • Mark McGregor


    I suggest you click on the link, you don’t seem to have before commenting.

  • Clanky

    Pathetic, just pathetic, there may be peace, but it will never be a meaningful peace until such hate filled bigotry as this disappears.

    Well done to Mrs Carroll for speaking out, maybe a few people on both sides will take a long hard look at themselves and realise that they don’t like what they see.

  • Mark McGregor

    When I read that story I find it extremely odd that both were invited to attend the compettion, even present the cup named after one of their husbands and then bizarrely expected to pay for the trip by fundraising.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I rarely do.

  • June 76


    Odd; anything that turns off Unionists’ support is not a good idea but the less said about the “morons” who won’t support the PSNI symbol the better!?

  • joeCanuck