A row over two (not one, but two) symbols…

I’m not sure there is anything that underlines the current stasis in the new Peace Process™ more than this story of PSNI widow Kate Carroll, who has been trying to raise funds for a trip to the US. The Belfast Telegraph reports:

…the fundraising effort has been hampered by people refusing to sign the sponsor form — because it carries both the PSNI and GAA logos.

“It’s ridiculous. This has left me in tears,” said Kate, whose husband Stephen was shot by the Continuity IRA in Craigavon last March. People from one side of the community won’t touch it because it mentions the PSNI and some on the other side refuse to get involved because of the GAA logo.

“Others have given quite willingly — and they know who they are. But I’ve felt totally disillusioned by those who don’t want to know and it has upset me a lot. Most local people have been so helpful and supportive since Steve’s death and it’s a pity a sectarian element has crept into this.”