Photograph of the Day – Brian

I saw Brian sitting in a phone box on High Street with his worldly possessions in a black bin bag at his feet. I had a brief conversation with him and he told me that he was a Falls Road Prod to which i replied that there can’t be too many of those. I saw Brian the other day and sadly he was a lil worse for wear but the 5 mins i spent  in his company  last year,  have stayed with me. A kindly and soft spoken man who is afflicted by a disease but has retained his dignity and this portrait i feel puts that across.

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  • apollo293867

    A moving picture worthy of george rodger

  • Neil

    Great portrait. Great face really.

  • The pic should remind everyone that it’s actually a feeling human being we think of as detritus as we pass them on the side of the road, only catching them in our peripheral vision.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Excellent photo – is he aware of his new found celebrity status?

  • Yes IWSMWDI (!) i happen to know one of his carers who showed him it on line last year

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Moochin Photoman,

    Just a thought but as he looks such an interesting character – why not publish a short bio and his thoughts on Slugger – perhaps there is some wisdom that we all could all do with reading?

  • Alias

    “…perhaps there is some wisdom that we all could all do with reading?”

    Yeah, and make him the MP for West Belfast while you’re at it…

    He reminds me of the fake Me Oul’ Flower who took up residence for a few weeks in the lane to the rear of my house in Dublin during the early 70s. He asked me to make him a sandwich one day and I duly obliged. It was two slices of bread, no butter, and some HP brown sauce. He complained about the absence to meat, thinking I was playing some joke on him. I used some choice words, as a streetwise kid of 7 or 8 might, telling him that was all we had in the house and that he should be grateful for it. As soon as he realised that some of us had as much money as himself, he wiped the excess sauce off the bread, saying it would give him heartburn, and settled down to what he said was a delicious turkey sandwich. After he found out I was Jewish, it was always an imaginary pork sandwich but I liked him by then. Back then it was sort of a tradition that tramps had a story to tell or were some sort of charcter. He had a few stories but I don’t remember any of them. And as for the charecter part, despite finishing every sentence with “Me Oul’ Flower” like the real Me Oul’ Flower, he was just a knock-off.

  • Is this the same guy ? lol

  • redhugh78

    Did he carve his name on the back of a park bench?

  • Seimi

    That’s a great photo!

    I remember a few of the characters who used to hang around the city centre – Crazy Horse, the General etc. Old Oliver used to hang around Kelly’s Cellars, sneaking in to bum a pint occassionally. I remember one day, he sat down, grabbed a guys guitar, and started playing. Turned out he wasn’t too bad at all. I heard he owned a house on the Whiterock Road, but chose to live rough instead. Don’t know how true that was though. He was a nice, harmless oul’ fella.
    I agree with IWSMWDI – you should think about doing a piece on Brian.


    I’ve set that in motion so hopefully in a few weeks i’ll be able to post something about that

  • Seimi
    As i mentioned above i’ve had a word so hopefully i’ll be able to blog further.
    For the last 14 years or so (on and off) i have spent time taking portraits of the street drinkers some of whom are, to put it bluntly, out and out bastards, too far gone to be approached safely. That said there are an awful lot of them who are benign and in the grip of a terrible addiction.
    Gauging body language (and the company they keep) is part and parcel of doing street portraits such as this, it’s challenging but by and large rewarding and good craic

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Excellent, look forward to that.