Really ‘screw’ed? Do the splits..

The recent Independent Hunger Strike Commemoration was supported by people drawn from a range of republican groups including RNU, IRSP, éirígí, 32CSM but also independents and some even say a few individuals aligned with SF.

The associated webpage is now gone – cache here

One group seemed to withdraw their support and disassociate themselves with the event – RSF. It appears they rejected the idea of endorsing the march when they realised it had applied for and gained permission to proceed from the Parades Commission.

Many recent prison protests around Ireland have been organised by a loose group of ‘Families and Friends of Republican Prisoners’ and seem to have input from a broad range of republicans but no overall political control, though I’ve heard claims the IRSP recently disassociated themselves from a white line picket in support of prisoners and held a separate protest further along the road (both sides are very coy about the reason/s).

RSF have also decided to organise a protest themselves on 29th May and their ‘march’ from Dunville Park to Castle St is not listed on the Parades Commission website so I assume they haven’t and won’t be applying for permission. It remains to be seen if others will join this ‘parade’ that seems almost gauanteeded to end in confrontation with the PSNI when they were too ideoligically focused to consider supporting others’ protests.

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