UTV declare that Martin McGuinness is First Minister!

Niall Ó Donnghaile pointed out earlier tonight that UTV have got a bit ahead of themselves and started to address Martin McGuinness as “First Minister”.

In an online news article about the Irish President’s visit to the Balmoral Show, they explained

The President of Ireland addressed an audience which included First Minister Martin McGuinness and Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew.

With Sinn Fein’s strong polling at the Westminster election – coming out as the local party with the greatest number of votes – perhaps this will be more common place after next year’s Assembly elections.

Snippet from UTV website describing Martin McGuiness as First Minister


  • Mark McGregor

    Guess Jerome Quinn has found himself a new job then.

  • Pete Baker

    Well done,Alan…

    And an exclamation remark too!

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    The Balmoral Show attracted both Michelle Gildernew and Prince Charles, who according to UTV are a ‘hot item’.

  • jim

    maybe FRANCOS mother is saying a wee prayer for him in the judges ring

  • Could have a quick poll to judge if the exclamation mark was overkill …

  • redhugh78

    And Some of the whingers thought the article on the stoop oath was scraping the barrel.

  • The article on the oath was pure dung.
    This is, frankly, in the same category.
    I think I’m gonna give Slugger a wide berth for a week or two and see if the quality improves in the interim.
    Because currently, I’m getting smarter political analysis from toddlers and the back of cornflakes boxes.

  • Alan N/Ards

    Did Michele Gildernew met Prince Charles at balmoral? I seen her with Mary and Martin but don’t recall any mention of Charles.

  • medillen

    Funny enough, I do not think their paths crossed. She might have told him to go home to his own country.

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    I rather doubt it medillen — allow me to explain. Both Michelle & Charlie live within an entity called the UK, who’s parliament Michelle recently stood for and won a seat in.

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was established 89 years ago and recently reaffirmed by something called the Good Friday Agreement. A party called Sinn Fein, of which Michelle is a member, (as well as being a UK minister and a UK MP) agreed to the continuation of NI as part of the UK until a majority in NI voted otherwise.

    Therefore telling him to ‘go home to his own country’ would really seem rather foolish. Hope that clears things up.

  • lamhdearg

    Will Gerry not step in if S.F. get the first ministers job?.

  • FST Ciaran

    @Gerry Lvs castro I think it is a bit more complicated that as you stated above. . Although the above may seem very well and good in your little wonderland but I think it is far from accurate and I am sure you have an idea of what my argument will be so i’ll leave it with you.

    Back on topic though. . Yes it does appear Martin Mcguinness will be returned as the First Minister after the assembly elections in may. As a staunch Sinn Fein supporter you would expect that I would be boasting and bragging about this as many DUP and UCUNF supporters would do but that is not the case. I have the sense to look past the mere title of the post and look at what powers the post holder has. In short nothing will change for Martin except he will drop the deputy in his deputy First Minister
    title and he will gain no extra power etc. The roles are co equal and if the people return Sinn Fein as the largest party then Martin will take on that role and like it or lump it there is nothing you can do.

  • Alias

    True, but he will get first pick of the juicy ministerial roles. How about making the DUP leader minister for pig farming and Gerry Kelly minister for finance?

  • Alias

    Err, he can’t nominate the other parties of course but he can get first choice of the top positions. So minister for pig farming is out but so is a DUPer in the finance ministry. What then for economic prudence as a rationale for power sharing among the orange electorate? They’d be propping up as quasi-socialist basket case of a state.

  • medillen

    Allow me to explain: you are unionist, I am an Irsh republican, as is Michelle Gildernew, we do not and will not regard ourselves as members of a united kingdom ruled from London. Our energy and efforts are to bring that to an end as you well know. This will happen and the head of parachute regiment should go home to his own country.

  • pinni

    Too small! He wants to be the Teeshock (sp?) of an all Ireland republic, LOL!