Owen Paterson new NI Secretary of State

Eamonn’s tweeting that the Conservative Party’s Owen Paterson has been appointed as the new Northern Ireland Secretary of State.  Bye, Shaun…  Adds BBC report. And The News Letter.

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  • al

    Whoop an out of touch English Conservative millionaire!!

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Many Unionists may not have liked the the boul Shaun(too much talk of securing the Peace Process for some) but he was an excellent SOS, expertly helping to nudge the recalcitrant DUP over the finishing line on Police and Justice with the carrot of more money and the stick of of Plan B. He can look back with satisfaction at a job well done.

    Poor Oweny, having been aligned with one of the tribes via the embarassing UCUNF project is now in a quite a difficult position to prove his even-handedness, but to be fair he does seem a reasonable sort of chap if a bit naive.

  • dundonald voter

    sammy owen patterson cant stand the dupes well see how even handed he is with them

  • HarryJ

    Own can do what he likes, the people have given the DUP their support so the tories will have to lump it…as for not liking the DUP, it was Owen who called them to Hatfield house and its worth noting Reg wasnt there.

  • TheHorse

    The reality is with this global financial crisis and the Uk not far if not worse than Greece then what options does the UK have but to ditch the bits of it that cost too much from what they get nothing in return for. The Unionist Utopia of N. Ireland is in its twilight years at the end of the day its all down to buisness what you put in at the very least you should get back if not more. This place is throwing good money after bad publicty, it cannot be sustained.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    dundonald voter,

    perhaps that was just to keep poor Wee Reggie’s spirits up at a difficult time for him and of course he did turn-a-blind-eye/organise the talks at Hatfield – though presumably that was conveniently deniable.

    But it’s a fair bet that any British politican would not like the DUP as they share so few of each others values.

  • Greenflag

    horse ,

    ‘what options does the UK have but to ditch the bits of it that cost too much from what they get nothing in return ‘

    No can do . Not eh cricket . Bad form . Would not look good on the resume . ‘Threw poorest family out the door to fend for self and learn ‘responsibility’ ‘ might go down well with elements of the neo con right but would be seen as ‘undemocratic !

    I can’t recall any precedent in any democratic country whereby such a state ‘expels’ an economically weaker area or region . It will take a referendum in NI twilight years or no .’

    You know I’m sure that the real meaning of Utopia is nowhere , which seems to be a destination that UCUNF have reached already with the assistance of their across the water big brothers and the local failed political strategy ?

  • jim

    as long as he treats sf like mrs thatcher did he will do fine

  • Mark McGregor

    Will be interesting to see if he works towards overturning the First Minister legislation now it would only damage the DUP and possibly give a small advantage to his UUP pals.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    There is a tradition amongst Unionist to try and collect worthless trophies which actually mean very little – such as articles 2 and 3 and decomissioning and now the First Minister thing – as Unionists want this so badly SF should trade this for something actually of value.

  • dundonald voter

    the people? are you being parocial here harry? are we talking about thousands the dup got are we talking the millions the tories got? and are you now so delusional that you think the tories will listen to peter the punt and his party?? dream on, but hey wee jeffrey said they will listen so it must be right

  • dundonald voter

    jim mrs thatcher wasnt as brave as we all think. hence the anglo irish agreement

  • dundonald voter

    or policies or ideas etc etc. or outlook on life. hey just about everything

  • dundonald voter

    mark the tories have an axe to grind with the dupes there could be a lot of surprises for them

  • Granni Trixie

    Sammy: I think you are wrong to underestimate the symbolic value of art. 2 and 3 and decomissioning.

    I underestimated the former once until my father (a Republican of the old school) looked me in the eye after the ROI voted for removal of art 2 and 3 saying ,”this means nothing ton you, does it….when they brought in the border we tried to wreak the place” (he was referring to the Grosvenor/Falls RD). It made me appreciate that like many I have grown up with the border which I took for granted and the legal juristiction thing was indeed meaninglesss whereas to him he had a living memory of an all ireland.
    ( wonder how many are alive who remember).
    People in the ROI were showing they wanted to do whatever it took to help change in NI and the measure was to reassure Unionists of their goodwil.( and remember the Brits at the same time were claiming “no strategic,selfish interest” for same token reason.

    As for decommissioning, this symbvol had its place too – it was never going to be “all” the guns.

    As I said at beginning, symbols have a purpose in my book.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    The reason that articles 2 and 3 were valueless at the time of the GFA was because Britian was giving Ireland an actual say in the running of Norn Iron – they only had value when Britain was not recognising Iirish constutional rights in Norn Iron and once they were preapred to concede that Ireland had a right to self determination and to insist Unionists took part in All Ireland Ministerial Council then they were no longer needed.

    Prior to Britian playing balll, yes I agree they had symbolic value to Northern Nationalists as a reminder to them that the Irish government had not abandoned them.

  • slug

    Articles 2 and 3 were immense. The difference in attitude between unioists and the Irish Republc that followed was very big. Uninoists today have a very different relationship to Dublin as a result. It changed everything for the better for unionists and their sense of security on the island. The coldness ended.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    I appreciate they were of symbolic importance to Unionists but were valueless to Nationalists once Britan gave Ireland a say in the running of Ulster as they were conceding the principle underlying the articles.

  • John Joe

    By the time they were removed from the constitution Articles 2 and 3 were just vanity legislation (like FF calling itself the Republican Party). Contemporary nationalist sentiment didn’t regard them as worth anything – particularly after the perception of the Republic as ‘standing idly by’ and unable to intervene in any meaningful way in support of nationalists in the north. I think it still amuses nationalists to see how worked up over unionist can get over Arts 2&3 or the Anglo-Irish agreement.