Gildernew victory after 3rd recount

After the tightest of votes and three recounts Michelle Gildernew has taken Fermanagh South Tyrone. Declaration made on Radio Ulster.

Gildernew 21304 – Connor 21300
McKinney 3574 / Vasundhara Kamble 437 / John Stevenson 188

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  • Enjoy your evening Jean, I mean that.
    “The struggle” – I love euphemisms, its much easier saying “The Struggle” than saying “The 30 year bloodbath in which Republican thugs murdered, tortured, maimed and ruined the lives of thousands of people and in which time Loyalists thugs did likewise”
    Struggle my arse. A bunch of bad bastards terrorising anyone they did not like, that’s more like it, if you ask me.

  • argosjohn

    Ulster Protestants did reasonably well in Britain, though the BNP did not. The future for Protestants is the bonny boat to Britain. Let’s hope they start paying their full share of tax. The old refrain that they are more loyal to the half crown than the Crown comes to mind.
    Sinn Fein have a game plan. Orangism has not as it is reactive, just like their South African cousins. Future elections will be interesting as Sinn Fein corrodes the SDLP’s power base and the Orangies lash out at those they most fear: Alliance. Cannot have a soft middle as all good Orange fascists know.

  • Argosjohn – You look forward to a good bout of ethnic cleansing and yet you are calling others fascists?
    Have you ever heard of the concepts called “logic” or “hypocrisy”?

  • lamhdearg

    argos, if the “prods” go the british money will go with them. everyone left will be paying the tax.

  • lamhdearg

    As for the alliance would you like to give your view on what % of alliance would vote for the union(with Britian) in a border poll.

  • Battle of the Bogside

    You left out the British army, the RUC, the UDR and the Orange Order/Volunteers who were also terrorist murdering bastards!!!

    A hierarchy of combatants and a hierarchy of victims is no way to look at the past do you not think???

  • chewnicked

    Methinks that argosjohn has the whiff of the troll.

  • BOB, you said: “the RUC, the UDR and the Orange Order/Volunteers who were also terrorist murdering bastards!!!”
    this is a typical shinner tactic – first you state that there was moral equivalence all round. the second step is to say that in actual fact that the IRA was as white as snow and that everyone else was to blame or was worse than the IRA.
    You have no sympathy for humans, you have only a piss-poor half thought out ideology to guide you based on a bit of nationalism and a bit of socialism. Did you never ask yourself about the knee-capped kids or the kangaroo courts? or the missing people? or the lost jobs?
    My position is simple – violence as a means of achieving a political aim is wrong. yours is the opposite. you are a supremacist, a power worshipper and a bigot.

  • Battle of the Bogside

    Oh my God

    “Calling all West Belfast women…are you tired of being…fat?”

    You are such a bigot, you brand all West Belfast women as fat. You are the type of person who promotes stereotypical views of women, yet you are not a bigot…

    Away and get a grip!!!

  • Battle of the Bogside

    Is that the same kangaroo courts that wrongly convicted the Birmingham 6 for being Irish? The same kangaroo court that wrongly convicted the Guildford 4 for being Irish? The same kangaroo court that wrongly convicted Charlie McMenamin for being Irish? I could write thousands of stories like these. The British government were also involved in acts of terrorism!!!

    My point is that all combatants were terrorists. State and non state; RUC, UDR, RIR and IRA, UDA, UVF, Orange Order!!!

  • Did you ever hear of the concept of taking the piss, BOB? it is a piss-take video supposedly made by Sinn Fein in which Gerry Adams does a dance routine complete with an afro hairdo. The quotes you mention were “Sinn Fein’s”. but you knew that and are just stirring.
    I note that you didn’t mention my latest offering which takes the piss out of Peter Robinson, or the one before that which took the piss out of Reg Empey or the ones before which have a laugh at the expense of Peter Robinson, Iris Robinson, Sammy Wilson, John Hume and Jim Allister.
    FFS, there was even an interview with Iris Robinson’s knickers in there and one with Martin McGuinness toilet seat.
    either you are taking the piss now or you are a total fu*ktard.
    see for yourself:

  • Battle of the Bogside

    I urge you to read Bavarian Orange Order blog. He is not a bigot He has a sense of humour and you would do well to resurrect your own.

    Protestants and even loyalists on this island are as Irish as we are and we need their votes…

  • i could believe you honestly thought that except that you misrepresented me in your last post when you called me a bigot and pointed disingenuously to a quote from a piss-take film. you knew what you were doing.

  • Thanks Pippakin, much appreciated.

  • Mark McGregor

    eh? one of the most commented on topics in months.

  • argosjohn

    Chewnicked, I am merely analysing the result. Unionists triumphed only around Belfast and environs. East Derry, North Antrim, North Down, parts of Belfast. Sinn Fein are winning the electoral game. I do not support them but they are winning.
    And they will continue to capture more electoral territory in the Six Counties outside of the Orange salient around Belfast.
    So, their tactic is working in the North. I do not agree with their tactic but it is hard to argue against it.
    Unionists have traditionally lashed out at those who break Unionism’s ranks. That means Alliance right now. But Unionism seems to be a bit like Humpty Dumpty.

    Bavarian OO: Fascism refers, does it not, to the tight bundle being used to whip the enemy. When I think of tight bundle, I think of RUC, B Specials and their masters. If Orangies are British, they should look for no special concessions and should pay at least their fair share. I doubt they could even foot the dole bill, if the sponger subsidies ended.

    I feel Protestants would be happier in Britain, where they are referred to as foreigners. Something like how white South Africans have fled to London, Perth and other nooks.

    If you look at tihngs from a British point of view, the Protestant block is not worth much. Best to dissipate it.

    I wonder how things will stand in the lead up to 2016.

  • I can only repeat what I said earlier:

    Argosjohn – You look forward to a good bout of ethnic cleansing and yet you are calling others fascists?
    Have you ever heard of the concepts called “logic” or “hypocrisy”?

  • argosjohn

    Sinn Fein got most votes, DUP got most seats, UCU got the rawest return (0 seats from votes just short of the SDLP, who got 3 seats).
    In the past, the 1920s’ pogrom being a good example, Unionists ran the Labourites and soft Unionists out of beflast with the bomb and the bullet. Territories Sinn Fein have and will colonise (all the SDLP seats bar South Belfast, North Belfast) are off limits. That just leaves consolidation and smashing Alliance, the crack/loose thread in Unionism’s armour.
    But Sinn Fein are the mob on the march. The SDLP were always personalities with private fiefdoms. Sinn Fein are on the ground. Good luck in trying to unseat them.

  • If anyone’s interested i’ve uploaded the post-result speeches from Gildernew, Connor and McKinney on my blog. Recorded it myself and the quality isn’t superb, but good enough.

    I may also upload the best speech of the day by Independent candidate John Stevenson at some stage.

  • Mark McGregor

    You did some fantastic work AD.

    If you haven’t got this man’s blog in your favourites (or followed his twitter) – do it now.

  • Lionel Hutz

    I decided to sit this thread out for while just to see if there was any Shinner who recognise the importance of the SDLPs position for nationalism. If Michelle Gildernew had won after Fearghal withdrew, she could claim no mandate for a Sinn Fein manifesto, all she could claim was a verdict on demographics in the constituency

    I actually don’t believe that this was won by convincing 3500 SDLP voters to come out for her, though I think that a significant proportion of that did. I think that Sinn Fein would have signifcantly increased their vote from those who would have stayed at home (or in the holylands). As in West Tyrone , Newry/Armagh and Mid-Ulster, it must be assumed that many of those SDLP voters didn’t turn up- a problem I will consider elsewhere.

    Because the SDLP stood in that constituency and spoke against Maskey’s stunt in South Belfast, both Michelle Gildernew and Alasdair McDonnell can claim a morally legitimate and clean win. Michelle beat the SDLP and re-energised the apathetic voters. At the same time, the fact that SDLP said no to a pact will no doubt have attributed to many thousands of Unionist voters stay at home due to apathy and disgust (again it must be assumed that Connor was able to energise many more sectarian voters who would otherwise have stayed at home). Sinn Fein also were quite clever to criticise SDLP rather than Connor do as not to risk getting Unionists backs up. McDonnell also demonstrated that he would have won SB, albeit less comfortably, without Maskey’s withdrawl. He should also be able to avoid a backlash next time round from unionists.

    Had this not happened, Nationalism would be much weaker today. Unionist overtures for pacts were roundly defeated and Nationalism looks cleaner and healthier tonight. McDonnell will continue to serve the whole community and represent them in forum to which he was elected. I hope that Sinn Fein will consider reversing their stance on Westminster abstention. In abstaining, they are preaching to the converted. In sitting, they would be able to show unionists in their five constituencies would mean for their future and how there could be a progressive politics helping working class Uninists a hell of a lot more than conservatives or swish grab-all dynasties. Then we could assuage their fears and engage in a proper conversation about unity.

    That refusal by Sinn Fein is one of the biggest reasons I cannot support them. It’s not only the only way to achieve a united Ireland, it’s the right way. I’m not waiting for demographics.

    Anyhow, Sinn Fein supporters should start to see the big picture and how the rejection of pacts bolstered the legitimacy of our shared goal. They should also thank SDLP for keeping them right. Alas, all I’ve seen is a strange bitterness and now apparently North Belfast is next on the list for demand for SDLP to stand aside. If only Nationalists would wake up. A political turf war is not going to achieve a United Ireland.

  • Khalekan

    Jean….The admirable Ms. Gildernew is indeed “The Honourable”, not “The Right Honourable”.

    As a “young person in a nationalist area” when Bobby was elected I cringed at the ignorance of the graffitti artists of the era..

    Better you just laughed off your own faux pas instead of trying (and failing) to belittle, with thin skinned sarcasm, the person who kept you right .

  • Munsterview

    First off Congrads to Michelle Gildernew, it was a brave showing and would still have been even if she lost the seat by a few hundred votes. This result had to be worked for so as a former back-room boy let’s not forger her team and indeed all the other S.F. teams that delivered the goods, well done to one and all.

    Just to pick up on some comments from the posts on this so far; Sinn Fein is far from over in the Slumbering South and anyone who writes them off will do so at their peril. Yes a lot of my generation have voted with their feet and gone. Many of those who go like Christy Burke take a lifetimes irreplaceable experience with them.

    S.F. in the South for all the Troubles and then since for the Peace Process have had to play second fiddle to the North. This can be clearly seen in S.F. Dail attitude to Fianna Failure, as I have written time and again in these postings, S.F. T.Ds. should be ‘red in tooth and claw’ yet it is Gilmore and Labor that are making the running as Fianna Failure must be kept sweet by Republicans for whatever use they may be for the North.

    One of the most popular issues for Sinn Fein in the South pre the Peace Process was the war on Drugs in which they gave real leadership. Dick Spring ceased all activity in the Peace Process and threatened to pull out completely unless the I.R.A. ceased involvement in the Anti-Drug movement knowing full well that if the Republican Armed checkmate was removed, the armed drug gangsters would intimidate the anti-drug activists inactivity.

    This is exactly what happened; every City, Town and Village in the South is now swamped with drugs and their attendant problems, S.F. just like any other political party confronting the issue can now Sweet F All, it has halted their rise in working class communities just as Spring intended. This was the same man while in government that stood idly by while the Branch raided and wrecked the Socialist Workers Party offices. Many of us in politics at that time believe that it was no co-incidence that this clamp down happened during Spring’s term of office.

    Sinn Fein are in a new ball game in the South. Numbers are not the problem, I am meeting plenty young eager beavers, most with good second levels and many with third level qualifications. There are also plenty of issues to rally public support around. The problem is the Dead Hand Of The North.

    Now that the S.F. in the North seems to be sorted, and, most pundits agree, continuing on the road of steady expansion and consolidation, the time is here to give the South some attention and priority. S.F. in the South must also be free to kick Fianna Failure ass and call a spade a spade irrespective of the effect it has on F.F.’s response to Northern Politics.

    Dev’s great cop out on social reform was Labor Must Wait while the ‘National Issue’ took priority. Using this F.F. avoided necessary and needed serious social change for decades. All the Left should have learned that lesson, F.F. should not be left pull the same stunt again and neither should S.F. act as their facilitators in this regard.

    The North is as good as it is going to get for the foreseeable future; time now for real politics on neglected social issues North and South. If there was a current Southern Twenty Six County election, Gilmore and Labor are already half ways down the track, Sinn Fein are still on the starting blocks. Somebody, in fact a lot of bodies in Sinn Fein needs to wake up to the reality of Southern politics, and fast!

  • Battle of the Bogside

    Likes this!!!

  • lamhdearg

    if the south go for SF it will be just like germany 1930 without the numbers.

  • Michaelhenry

    i see a section of the british army is marching in red square today, the welsh guards by the way, a bunch of commies, sorry, tommies.

  • You write as though you think SF are socialist, once they were, but not for a long time. Its all socialist talk in public and feathering nests in private.

    Not sure the south will be persuaded to be deaf, dumb and blind on that one. Arguably the only attraction they ever had in the south was their commitment to the north.

  • Robert Ross

    Both of my friend’s grandparents voted for Michelle Gildernew. The couple who were born at the turn of the century when Ireland was completely under British rule took part in what we reckon was their 16th general election. When they were young they couldn’t have believed such a thing could have happened where a joint Unionist candidate was beaten by one Nationalist woman. Had they still been alive, they would have been so proud.

    PS. This is only a joke and not a statement of any sort – I thought it was quite funny!

  • Ciaran FST

    Firstly well done to all Sinn Féin supporters who came out in their thousands to elect Michelle Gildernew as their MP for the third time. Also I think a special thank you (although Michelle made this clear in her victory speech) should be extended to every single traditional SDLP voter who understood without their support and votes we would not have been able to return a young hard working nationalist mother to serve all the community on this occasion. As Michelle we had a mountain to climb and we won by four votes so I think no one should ever underestimate the power of a vote.
    I will never forget the arrogance displayed by many high profile unionists on camp Connor such as Arlene Foster and councillor Alex Baird when the first count came through that Connor had won by 8 votes. Regardless of the fact that Rodney was not even a DUP candidate.
    The front page of the Irish news summarised the situation with the headline. “GILDERNEW SEND’S THE PACT PACKING”. From the word go we all knew within Fermanagh and South Tyrone Sinn Fein and Ogra Shinn Fein that this was going to be a challenge and we all knew that this was not only the DUP, UCU and the TUV that we had to fight but we also had to fight the orange order however in the face of this it was a challenge we rose to and everyone rallied together to ensure that we could send a clear message to all shades of unionism engaged in this sectarian headcount that Bobby Sands seat can never be placed in the hands of a Tory government. The count in Omagh was very nerve racking and with Pat Doherty elected after the first count in Omagh with nearly 50% of the vote everyone was confident and positive we could keep this seat (Fermanagh and South Tyrone). The first count came through and Rodney Connor had an 8 vote win which had Arlene Foster jump with joy fist clenching when the news came through while she was live on BBC 1 in Belfast. A short time leader Arlene arrived in Omagh expecting to have the first recount keep Connor with a majority and thus the celebrations would have begun but Michelle was put in the lead with a 10 vote majority which lifted the spirits of everyone on team Gildernew within the count centre. Camp Connor which included a whole horde of notable members of both the DUP and UCUNF demanded a second recount which then put Michelle ahead by two votes. After an extensive wait it was decided a third recount demanded by the orange order would take place that morning at 9am. We arrived back in Omagh at 9am and within the next two hours Gerry Adams, Catriona Ruane, Martin McGuinnes and Pat Doherty all arrived to throw their support behind Michelle Gildernew. It was a long wait but at exactly 14:50pm the canteen descended into rapture and merriment when we heard Michelle was within the next few moments going to be pronounced elected by deputy returning officer Martin Fox to serve in parliament for Fermanagh and South Tyrone for a third consecutive term. As everyone descended into the main hall to hear official affirmation we were met by exceptionally glum faces within camp Connor which was adequate conformation for everyone what we had heard was accurate. Unfortunately camp Connor did not find it easy to accept that the people had spoken and democracy had ruled and chants of terrorists could be clearly heard evidently but caught up the euphoria of the moment and knowing we would never reduce ourselves to that level we let them rant. A large banner was produced “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children- Bobby Sands MP” which really emphasised the significance of this win having kept the seat from the very people responsible for his death. Although Connor was defeated the foreign union flag was still produced and weaved by camp Connor. In a moment for the history books the result was read to a room packed with media from all corners of the island and supporters of Michelle. “Rodney Connor 21,300, Michelle Gildernew 21,304”
    I understand alot of unionist people are disappointed that Connors did not get elected but putting his connections to the orange order and his unionist views to a side he was never a suitable candidate to serve the people he was clearly only in it for the £1000000 he was set to make over the five years should he have been elected. Michelle is part the SF negotiating team and visits Downing Street on a frequent basis and they have mechanisms in place in Westminster to raise constituent issues but would never take an oath to a foreign queen. Whatever responses are made to my comment it will not mask the fact that Michelle was always best placed to represent the entire community.
    I am very proud to have been a part of the Sinn Fein campaign in Fermanagh and especially Enniskillen.

  • slug

    The SDLP were right and the UUP wrong in FST. I am happy to congratulate the SDLP on a positive and consistent campaign. I am sad I cannot say the same of UCUNF.

    Ritchie was strong, Empey weak.

    UCUNF should have stood firm.

  • Ciaran FST

    Just out of curiosity can someone please outline their personal reasons for voting SDLP and not Sinn Féin in any constituency. . . I don’t want to sound stupid but I could of few reasons that might come up but it would just be good to hear.

  • Ciaran FST

    So slug how would you have felt if Connors had got it had none of the traditional SDLP voters who switched to SF on this occasion stayed put and voted McKinney? As I put it to McKinney he was clearly putting his own personal gain ahead of the interests on nationalism. I even heard rumours that Tommy Gallagher himself was disgusted at the stance taken by Ritchie and understands the huge negative impacts this election has had on the SDLP in Fermanagh and South Tyrone. Regardless of the fact that SF won in the end even with the huge opposition they faced I strongly believe the traditional SDLP voter will never forget what they have done here recently. Margaret Ritchie has been masquerading as some sort of heroine taking a stance against sectarianism but she knew she had keep on good terms with the unionist electorate that voted to get her into south down to prevent a SF candidate getting in. There is always a motive in SDLP madness.

  • glencoppagagh

    ‘have mechanisms in place in Westminster to raise constituent issues’

    And what exactly are these mechanisms?

  • Ciaran FST

    They have the issues raised by MP’s who have taken the oath. Did you not know this? It has been used quite abit over the past number of weeks and its common knowledge

  • Ciaran FST

    They have the issues raised by MP’s who have taken the oath. Did you not know this? It has been mentioned quite abit over the past number of weeks and its common knowledge

  • slug

    It depends – not everyone thinks the same way as SF supporters.

  • glencoppagagh

    Who are their parliamentary proxies? Do they get a fee for their trouble?

  • Battle of the Bogside

    Brilliant post. Brilliant campaign. Even more brilliant result; well done Michelle Gildernew!!