David Cameron comes to Northern Ireland…

David Cameron is expected to tell the people of Northern Ireland today they will not have to carry  a disproportionate share of financial savings. The aspiring (or according to Peter Robinson last year putative) PM is on a flying visit to Belfast to boost his sister party, the Ulster Unionists.

David Cameron angered members of the Democratic Unionist Party last week when he signalled over dependence on the public sector would have to be addressed. This was widely interpreted by political rivals as potential cuts in jobs on the back of a national savings of £6 billion.

The Conservative party leader is thought to be examining ways of shielding Northern Ireland from any downside within Europe in the event of lowering corporation tax to enable it to compete with the Republic of Ireland which enjoys a 12.5 %
Corporation tax rate.

Mr Cameron would like to replace the culture of state dependency with greater entrepreneurialism in Northern Ireland.

Yet, while David Cameron is currently in bed with Reg Empey’s Ulster Unionist party, he may well have an eye for dealing favourably with Peter Robinson and the DUP, which is expected to return at least eight MPs, according to an emerging survey.