Bored of elections? Let’s discuss werewolves

Sorry for the personal nature of the intro. The election is getting a bit boring. Essentially my interest is political analysis and it is very difficult to do much analysis until after the election. We are so in the dark with so little time to go that even spinning is difficult to sustain: Thus far none of the parties’ major representatives has made a major error. Maybe Margaret Ritchie was less than brilliant on the UTV debate but it was not a Diane Dodds European moment. Reg’s suit was suboptimal but that is hardly a matter of life and death. I thought Jim Allister won on points in the rather nasty exchanges with Paisley junior but then I am biased. We await tonights leaders’ debate with hardly baited breath.

Hence, I feel we need to discuss something more interesting: Werewolves. In view of the success of my zombies blog a few months ago I thought we could discuss these big hairy folk. I had forgotten how much I liked werewolves until I saw Dog Soldiers on the TV on Saturday night whilst at my mother’s. Elenwe read some book about gardening and I watched 8 foot tall bipedal wolfpersons (to be politically correct) eating people.

I tend to the view that as a fundamentalist, zombies and especially werewolves are morally upright monsters: with vampires there is all that sexual innuendo and if Elenwe comes in she denounces it. In addition Buffy did get a bit mired with occultish stuff towards the end. However, you know where you stand with a big hairy wolfperson which is not going to have its wicked way with you, has no interest in strange religious practices and it is only going to eat you.

Without wanting to spoil the film, the werewolves in Dog Soldiers appear to have been quite a nice family apart from when they were 8 foot tall wolfpersons eating other folk. It set me to thinking: I might quite like being a werewolf. I mean it would not interfere that much with the rest of my life: certainly less so than blogging. In addition living in West Fermanagh I could simply become an 8 foot tall bipedal wolf and wander around doing wolf stuff: howling and the like before coming home and going to work in the morning; there are few neighbours to disturb. In addition, although it may be slightly missing the point, I am a very non violent person: I wonder if I could be a peaceful werewolf and not eat people but just wander about and howl and stuff. I think peaceful werewolfism might be an interesting way forward as a hobby: it would involve more exercise than blogging and would not eat into family time. Indeed if my family also became werewolves it might be an interesting family activity. Any thoughts?