Sinn Féin’s politics of delusion

Sinn Féin’s response to criticism of their refusal to sit at Westminster in the face of proposed cuts post-election has been to call on all the other parties “to unite with us against the cuts”, and even to press for an increase in the block grant.  At the same time the party’s manifesto, along with others, wants fiscal powers devolved and corporation tax reduced – whilst also refusing to agree to the introduction of water charges.  Balance those books.

The example Gerry Adams has cited in support of his call for unified opposition here is the negotiatons over the devolved policing and justice budget.

The problem for Sinn Féin is that, in that case, their objective of prompt devolution of those powers was shared by the UK government – It was the DUP’s consent which was being negotiated.

Post-election, without any votes in Parliament, what do Sinn Féin have to offer in any negotiation over cuts?

The SDLP’s Dolores Kelly calls it right in this Belfast Telegraph report