“What are you going to do, bleed on me?”

The Belfast Telegraph reports a speech by the Member of [the UK] Parliament Northern Ireland Assembly member International Representative for West Belfast, Gerry Adams – “Campaign for a united Ireland set to go global”. The Irish News has another quote from the speech

“All of this is part of a process,” [Adams] said. “I like to judge it, because it’s convenient to do so, in a 40-year span. “And 40 years in a lifetime is huge but in history it’s only a blink.”

Which would also work for the DUP.. Because it’s all very well imposing a retrospective, and self-serving, narrative onto events but “history has no premeditated design”. Of course the Sinn Féin leader is also “looking forward with confidence..” 2008 having been so, erm, successful.. [Probably best not to look back – Ed]. All of which reminds me more of Monty Python’s Black Knight than anything else..