Photo of the Day – Waiting

Waiting for the bus on the Lower Newtownards Road East Belfast

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  • Oracle

    Sorry moochin but this is Not very good, it’s remarkable for the fact that it’s very uninteresting

  • Drumlin Rock

    the architecture of the bus stop is lovely 🙂

  • the blow – in

    I’ve figured it out – The lady in the red coat lost her other leg at the Somme?

  • mike_sheriff

    Hey moochin, give us a buzz any time by email []. It’s mike from next door. Peace

  • We all need our own space, so we do…

    Shouldnt they be standing at attention, or something.

  • Moochin

    After previously heaping praise worthy of the next Dave Inchey you come up with the above!!!

  • chewnicked

    I think you’ve all missed mooochin’s (unintended?)point in this one. Shops shuttered and closed, with paramilitary flags flying forlornly above them. That nicely sums up how the once thriving shopping road that was the Lower Newtown has been decimated by loyalist paramilitary extortion of small traders and also by threats made against shoppers from the Short Strand who had the temerity to give the traders their custom.-The Peoples’ Army indeed….

  • oracle


  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Do these people know they are being photographed?
    Isnt there a privacy issue?

  • chewnicked


    You’re right, Oracle. The cobblers shop did indeed close down after the blackmailers had put the boot in..

  • Oracle…

    Unremarkable perhaps but it still remains a tableau that i saw worthy of a photograph. There are alot of questions you could ask looking at the photograph….
    Are they on the way home?
    Is the man with the stick on the way to the hospital or even a friends house to play chess? Perhaps he is off to visit the grave of his wife.
    Is it his left leg or right leg that means he needs a stick? Is he needing a hip replacement or is it his knee?
    Similarly is the woman in the middle sitting down because she is tired and had been kept up all night by her angina or next doors dog barking?
    The woman in yellow is she thinking that the bus had better hurry up so she can get home to watch Jeremy Kyle. Or is she wondering what bargains she will find in the reduced bin at Tesco?

    You get the idea, it’s about looking and seeing and using your imagination.


    I don’t know who Dave Inchey is


    some of what you say is right but as i’d mentioned for the previous POTD it was more to do with personal space


    No and No (we don’t live in France and nor do we have their draconian laws as regards street photography thankfully)

  • Moochin

    Leonardo Dave Inchey, a creative from a bygone era whose work lives on.

  • Ha
    With slugger being archived i suppose mine will too
    (though i hasten to add i’m not in Dave’s league not by a long stretch)

  • Oracle


    I am in no doubt that there would be a lot of truth in what you have stated, my cobblers comment referred to a lazy photo not you local history just in case any wires were getting crossed.


    Sorry but I’m not having any of that….
    The story of a photograph should jump out and bite you on the ass or should slowly unfold in a more subtle way with the atmosphere of the photograph guiding the thought process of the viewer.
    What you delivered here was a lazy photograph that while it may be focused sharp and correctly lighted it has absolutely NO STORY….

    If you want an interpretation of the image it is simple, the woman in the yellow/cream cardigans bus is arriving and she has moved to the footpath to reaffirm to the bus driver that she wishes to board, even with the arm ready to lunge forward if the bus shows no sign of slowing (sub conscious thing we all do it)
    The woman in red (with 2 legs as her left knee is obscured by a bag) is still waiting on her bus to come so has taken a rest on the bench because she is old and slightly over weight.
    It is likely the man is not waiting for a bus at all, older people don’t have the unease that younger people do with personal space and being broad daylight on a major route at a bus shelter he would have stood inside or seated inside the shelter.

    So all in all a pointless shot and to try and veneer this wanton waste of mega pixels with the notion that I’m supposed to consider who the hell they may or may not be visiting is just an outright insult to the human intellect.
    A story teller tells a story verbally a writer uses words and a photographer uses images if the story teller is mute or the writer has writer bloc then we are deprived of an opportunity to listen or to read neither would have the audacity to tell us that we are supposed to imagine what they would have said or would have written.

    Yet that is exactly what you have done John, we didn’t fail to interpret the story of the photograph John, YOU FAILED TO DELIVER ONE.!

  • militant mike

    Bus Shelters with Hunky Dory crisp adverts are much more appealing.

  • I think it says quite a lot. For me it is about personal space and depression.

    No two people ever see the same thing in a picture, just as we never read quite the same book. This is why when we go to see the ‘film of the book’ we so often end up saying: “It was nothing like as good as the book!”

    A good photographer, like a good author, points us in the direction he wants us to take, but it is we who make the journey.