Crowd sourcing candidate info

It might be interesting to detail how many of our parliamentary candidates actually live in the constituency they seek to represent. Let us know if candidates are local, parachutes, former locals or now connected/living in the area. We can then compile some nice wee charts.

Thats 108 names – local, ‘outsider’, connected or former local?

*note – if candidates have chosen to use an alternate address on their registration form please respect that and do not give anything other than general details on where they actually live*

  • In West Tyrone only outgoing MP Pat Doherty does not reside in the constituency (unless he’s recently moved). Although he’s not too far away in Donegal.

    Joe Byrne SDLP
    Tom Buchanan DUP
    Ross Hussey UCUF
    Michael Bower Alliance
    Ciaran McClean Independent

    All are local.

  • Just checked there, although Bower is from Omagh, his current address is given as North Down on the nomination form.

    Doherty lives in Carrigart, Letterkenny.

  • Paul

    Niall Ó’Donnghaile SF East Belfast, local

  • Lagan Valley:

    Jeffrey Donaldson, Keith Harbinson, Trevor Lunn, Daphne Trimble – post codes on nomination form all match Lagan Valley.

    Brian Heading states Lagan Valley (so should be in the area!)

    Paul Butler is listed as West Belfast (and pretty sure he’s now safely inside the West Belfast boundary).

  • By the way, you’ll be able to see the nomination addresses here on the EONI website. BBC’s Democracy Live website allows you to search for representatives by post code and will quickly tell you the constituency they’re in.



    Sandra Overend, Ian McCrea, Walter Millar, Tony Quinn all live in the constituency

    Ian Butler (Alliance) lives in FST

    Deputy FM Marty is a Foyle man…

  • Chris Donnelly

    Pretty sure Heading resides in West Belfast- nomination form doesn’t really provide great guidance.

    Paisley Jnr resides in Lagan Valley as well, though nomination form might say North Antrim (and nothing wrong with that btw.)

  • Chris – I’ll try to remember to ask him on Wednesday.

  • Sean Og

    Catroina Raune lives in Louth and Nigel Dodds in Upper Bann.

  • Martin McAuley, North Belfast Independent is from North Belfast

  • Mark McGregor


    Nomination forms are now legally allowed to have a substitute address over your real one – though in previous years many candidates didn’t comply with the home address requirement for entirely valid reasons.

    btw – as Chris notes, Heading now counts as West Belfast, Butler always did.

  • Sean

    Niall O’Donnghaile East Belfast is from East Belfast

  • Patrick

    Alban Maginness lives in North Belfast (and is standing for election there).

  • I know. Seems cheating to write Lagan Valley as the substitute if it’s not accurate. I’ll check when I see him before casting doubt though.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit
  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Ah todays Conspiracy Theory.
    Well actually Mr McGregor its already appeared on at least two other Blogs….one of which is oft referred to in this very Site.
    Of course there is no good reason why (say) Alex Attwood loving in South Belfast should not represent West Belfast……or Nigel Dodds (Upper Bann) should not represent North Belfast……Reg Empey (East Belfast-South Antrim) Martin McGuinness (Foyle-Mid Ulster).
    I am indebted to the analysis done on one of the Blogs I reffered to for pointing out that the TUV man in East Antrim is actually from FST
    Can it surprise anyone that Bill Manwaring (West Belfast) actually lives in North Belfast and the SF guy in North Down lives in West Belfast?
    is it a new trend?
    Well in part…….in part yes.
    Eamonn De Valera in South Down…..for example.
    Or dare I mention to you that Bobby Sands was not actually resident in Fermanagh South Tyrone. Id be surprised if Mr McGregor thinks that was such a baaaaaaad thing.
    Yet as a callow youth I took an interest in the Runners and Riders list provided by the Electoral Office and it makes great reading for the political anoraks among us.

    Certainly its the case that people are seeking niminations outside their home but “parachuting” is such a loaded word. The real reasons might well be interesting.
    The relunctance to disclose addresses is interesting. Another Blog I think gets it right to say theres no “security dimension”. So is it related to MPs expenses?
    Certainly the revelation that Daphne Trimble lives in Lambeg (still!) surprised me. Did it surprise David in Suessex?
    Yet for those of us who study these Runners and Riders list…….there are some surprises. Many long term residents seem to have “traded up” in the Property Market.
    How awful?
    Oh wait its not awful at all. Cos Ive done that too. Maybe even Mr McGregor has.

  • Thomas Conway in East Derry lives in Park which is now in East Derry.

  • Mark McGregor


    That list was based on what they stated on the form, it won’t be accurate. I’m hoping we can crowd source accuracy over the declarations (without compromising privacy or stupid claims of ‘security’)

  • Driftwood

    Margaret Ritchie now currently resides in Strangford constituency.

  • SDLP Man


    You’re precisely wrong. Margaret Ritchie lives in Drumaness ward, which is in South Down constituency.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’ve had one bulk evidence dump that seems probably acurate – 9/17 SF nominees don’t live in their constituency.

    Happy to be emailed bulk detail like that from anyone else on the rest:

  • Drumlin Rock

    Rodney Connor was born in West Tyrone, just a few miles north of Fermanagh, but he has been resident in Fermanagh for quite some time now.

  • Driftwood

    SDLP Man
    You may be correct. Most people in Crossgar/Ballynahinch haven’t a baldy which constituency they are in . I’m getting leaflets for Ruane, Ritchie, Wells, Mike Nesbitt, -someone called McConnell? and someone called Shannon? , i’ve never heard of the latter two. Are they those people that can learn to fly? forgotten their name, Rainbow something..

  • Granni Trixie

    Naomi is certainly born and bred in East Belfast,
    Ringland elsewhere.

  • joebetwa

    Lady Sylvia and Ian Parsley both live in North Down.

  • SDLP Man

    Actually, this thread is pointless. If people are otherwise qualified they should be able to stand in any constituency they wish.

    I’m old enough to remember the days when Sinn Fein letter-writing and phone-in muppets used to harass the SDLP’s Joe Hendron for living, shock horror, two miles away from West Belfast in the “leafy suburbs of South Belfast”. That was, of course, before Derry’s Marty got elected for Mid Ulster, Donegal-living Pat Doherty got elected for West Tyrone, Louth-dwelling Caitriona ran for South Down, Andersonstown-denizen Alex Maskey ran for South Belfast, etc.

    A funny attitude for a party which purports to believe that Ireland is one and indivisible.

  • corkman

    I’m surprised Jim Allister and the TUV crowd haven’t created more fuss about their Education Minister (Ruane) living in a “foreign country”.

  • aquifer

    who cares? so long as it is all about the national question the candidate must have green white and gold underpants, no?

    That is after they come out of the washing machine.