Yes, “I never had a beard…”

Sorry, but I did see this from the GUBUwire before Pete pounced with the ‘what have the Romans ever done for us” YouTube… Too good to miss though…


  • Henry94

    If the man says he didn’t have a beard then that’s good enough for me. Let’s see what the people of West Belfast have to say on the issue at the election. Slugger should be more concerned about the egg on its face over policing than anything that may or may not be on the face of Gerry Adams.

  • Mick Fealty

    Nice segway Henry, but which egg would that be?

    I must admit, I spoke privately to a young man at the NIO at function in the autumn who said he thought it would happen by February, and I said at the time, that given the way the parties were playing it, I doubted it.

    When I spoke to the same young man at another do in February I conceded straightway that he had been right and I had been wrong. His response was to say he had never anticipated it would come in the way it did.

    But those were private conversations. Nothing we said on Slugger over the last three years ever precluded the signing of a deal, we merely kept pointing out the problem with the ‘spin’.

    Unless of course you know better?

  • Henry94


    I was going for a funny response to a funny piece but I suppose if I need to point that out then I’m not that funny.

  • Fearglic

    You are basically calling GA a liar(about membership of the IRA). Say it print it. It’s sad that so much time is spent trying to besmirch someone without any proof!

  • sdelaneys

    “I was always, and remain to this day, a clean shaven man. Yes, there are photos of me back in the day sporting what appears to be a beard. But that was merely a false beard – worn so I wouldn’t be recognised and picked up by the Brits.”

    Look, slugger o’toole, Adams is telling the truth. HE NEVER HAD A BEARD!!!! I can prove it. In the ‘old days’ I was a tailor to the powerful and the demented and had a job which needed to be done in secret and I was proudly well paid to do it, so I was, so I was.
    I made secret pockets for Mr Adams to keep his real beard in so that he could wear a false one. I don’t want this published for 7 generations in case the tailor’s alliance takes umbrage, whatever that is.

  • Davros

    Surely it all depends on ones definition of beard is. Hair surrounding the entire face or merely one side? When does not shaving for a couple of days become a beard?

  • Mick Fealty

    Sorry H, my bad… 🙂

  • Keithbelfast

    “When does not shaving for a couple of days become a beard? ”

    I think you define that as a provisional beard.

  • Halfer

    Fearglic # @4

    “You are basically calling GA a liar(about membership of the IRA). Say it print it. It’s sad that so much time is spent trying to besmirch someone without any proof!”

    No Mick isn’t now fearglic and don’t get smart with him!

    Whilst Gerry never had a beard, He is proud of his association with beards.

  • articles

    Very often famous people are sponsored to shave off their beards.

    I suggest Gerry shaves off his beard.

    Sorry, Gerry does not have a beard.

    The question then remains. Who sponsored him?

  • RepublicanStones

    Gerry is planning to remain hirstute until he’s finally outed as the jewel in Britain’s crown of infiltration. Whereupon he’ll break out the gillette and ‘Just for Men’.

  • percy

    nothing in these send-ups is anything more or less than you’d see on the weekly:
    “Have I got news for you”.
    The ones that take it too seriously are in need of a philip.

  • Gerry Adams does not have a beard, he has never had a beard. It is as plain as the nose on his face. Oops sorry! He denies he has a nose on his face and any assertions to the contrary are made by his enemies and can be safely disregarded by the faithful.

  • Fearglic

    I don’t mean to get smart with anyone. I see the humour. I appreciate the joke. But it’s only funny in the context of what GA denies. And we’re all growing beards when it comes to the besmirching GA season.

  • sdelaneys

    Pippakin, has he got a nose? He has plenty of noes I know. At least he’s giving us a bit of a laugh.

    A man I know talked about a time he was up in court and described the judge as wearing a false wig.

  • Catherine


    Speaking of egg on faces:

    Would you care to address and explain your (by now) widely circulated claim that Adams’ participation in a colour party is evidence he was NOT in the IRA.

  • Halfer

    Fearglic…I think you missed the joke


  • sdelaneys

    No, no, no! He has neither beard or nose. He knows he has not. He assured everyone personally. He is currently breathing through an orifice the rest of us do not wish to know about, which explains of course why he so often talks out of his ar..

    Hard to do that, takes a lot of practice.

  • socaire

    Jesus H Christ, there’s wiser in a lunatic asylum. There’s certainly funnier.

  • socaire!

    It is as always…

    I am a reluctant, to say the least, supporter of S/F during this election. I said ages ago they should suspend GA until after the abuse, rape and his brothers incest allegations are dealt with. It was amateurish not to do so. It suggests they have put the man before the party and that is not good enough.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Big Bob!

    Yes Gerry?

    Could you put me into your story of the Big Escape?

    The Big one? From the Kesh?

    Yes Bob, the Big One. With you, Bik, Gerry Kelly and the others! I need a bit of derring-do in my life.

    But Gerry you weren’t in the Kesh at that time!

    I wasn’t in the IRA either but it didn’t stop them doing what I told them to do!….Bob!

  • socaire

    Should you be barred from all the pubs in the town because your granny raised a row last Saturday night, Patience? Maybe Gerry hasn’t seen your post advising him to step down. I’ll bring it to his attention. And the corollary of your argument must be that if Gerry’s relations were all top drawer then he should be made President?

  • socaire!

    You know I dont mean that. I mean he is a liability, and I regret that because I do believe we owe him a lot for the peace we have.

    As it is to expect everyone to suspend not just belief but humour (however poor) is an expectation too far.

    As for President, the only one I have had any time for, at all, was Mary Robinson. If shes not coming back I dont care who does it.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Gerrys beard may have been in the IRA without the rest of the body Gerry knowing about it.

    Has Gerry ever categorically said that his beard was not in the IRA and can he trust his beard or his beard trust him.

    Tis time for the beard and Gerry to have some time off and have a Beard to Gerry heart to to heart (you know what I mean).

    Seriously you are doing more harm than good (I presume thats not your intention.)

    Has Sinn Féin ever retired a leader without a split ?

    Show some Leadership in leading yourself (Gerry)to the retirement stage.

  • joeCanuck

    “When does not shaving for a couple of days become a beard? “

    I think you define that as a provisional beard.

  • Comrade Stalin

    More to the point, why hasn’t Gerry sued anyone who has made this claim ? Politicians have sued people – and won – for saying things about them which were false.

  • slug

    Gerry was (obviously) the *leader* of the IRA. Maybe that is somehow what he means when says he was not *in* it.

  • joeCanuck

    What,Slug? That’s a good one; jumping from non-membership to becoming the CEO?

  • Halfer

    Socaire @ #22

    “Should you be barred from all the pubs in the town because your granny raised a row last Saturday night, Patience?”

    I imagine not…but if your brother were to rape his daughter and you were to move him and his dirty little secret around the country to escape justice….well then you deserve something.

  • Michaelhenry

    if you have any prove of this halfer please tell us otherwise you are the one who keeps dirty little secrets.

  • Halfer

    So Gerry Adams didn’t know that his brother raped his daughter? (oh thats right, he admitted that he did)

    Gerry Adams didn’t fail to tell anyone about it in Dundalk while his child rapist brother was working with young people in the community? (oh yeah he didn’t…he went out canvassing with him instead)

    And he also didn’t tell anyone at Clonard while his child rapist brother was working at a youth club.

    These aren’t my secrets Kathleen..these are public domain facts.

    But if you were to try think for yourself for a change…..

  • Michaelhenry

    halfer you said gerry moved his brother and his dirty little secret around the country to escape justice, but you cannot and never will prove this because it never happened.

  • old school

    Michael are you suggesting the good Priest in New York was lying?
    Good work on derailing the funnies btw.

  • Michaelhenry

    i have been agaist the unionists tonight, jesus talk about bad leadership, now along comes old school with more riddles.

  • Halfer

    Why don’t you just deal with the facts kathleen… it’s what makes it a debate.

  • Michaelhenry

    facts is you have no prove halfer. whats this about kathleen, you are the third person to call me this.

  • Halfer

    Facts ARE you have no PROOF halfer.

    Come on now Kathleen, swot up on the old grammar and spelling.

    I don’t need to prove what I posted above Kathleen. They are accepted facts. If you wish to waste your time in disproving them or to simply deny them without basis….well feel free to look a tit.