‘Sinn Féin has no influence’

Some describe Suzanne Breen as a dissident journalist (some being SF members). However, yet again she turns out a series of articles in the Tribune that examine non-SF republicanism better than any other reporter around.
The re-rise of the re-RA

Attacks since Massereene

Lack of mercy

  • Michaelhenry

    every man,woman and child on the island of ireland must have been in the provos,the long list of newspaper reports during the last 20 years of people who left the provos must now be in the millions,are journalists joking or do they know that now it is they who are the joke.

  • sdelaneys

    I love the way the sinn féin people speak of ‘the island of Ireland’ as if there might be some confusion if they use the word ‘Ireland’ on its own. I am surprised they didn’t get that sorted out in the GFA.
    Michaelhenry, you must read a hell of a lot of articles if the ex provos have now mounted to ‘millions’ especially when we remember that very few people, Gerry Adams for instance, were ever members at all and most current members of S.F were never members of the provos, far too dangerous.

    Mark, I thought those were insightful articles by Breen and I agree with her that simply dismissing opposition as ‘micro is self defeating.

  • Michaelhenry

    i know what real life is like sdelaneys,
    Play the ball – edited moderator]

  • Davros

    What baffles/frightens me is the lack of any clear point to what they’re doing. There are no tales of internment or black n tans beating them or lack of civil rights. The best suggestion is that they’re angry because they’re poor so they plant bombs?
    A lethal combination of bored young lads being told tall tales by bored old warhorses who don’t know how to live in a world where they’re not a soldier in a super secret revolutionary army but unemployed middle aged men. The result being chavs with bombs. The dissidents are the political equivalent of ageing executive buying a Harley Davidson except somehow managing to attract a younger women.
    So basically we need to build some youth clubs in Lurgan.

  • sdelaneys

    Good, Michaelhenry, I’m glad to hear that even though I never suggested you were afloat in some kind of unreality.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Did you hear that Gerry at the Policing Board parade today?

    Anti-Republican indeed Gerry… Uncle Tom Republican now that fits [Not Gerry Fitts] you to a Tee!

  • Michaelhenry

    good to see gerry to eveything in public dixie elliott,even the police know that those making accusations agaist gerry adams are telling lies.

  • CatinHat


    What baffles/frightens me is the lack of any clear point to what they’re doing. There are no tales of internment or black n tans beating them or lack of civil rights. The best suggestion is that they’re angry because they’re poor so they plant bombs?

    They are following the same general line of what the PIRA was always mostly, and most essentially, about. That unionists are settler untermenschen who never had and still don’t have the right to declare self determination like the people on 1916 had the right to do.

    The PIRA’s fight was always most centrally a fight for not for equality but for inequality, for the inequality of unionists and nationalists in the areas of national rights and self determination. That unionists, unlike nationalists when they were in the greater UK, have no more right to their own territory and self rule than do the Pakistanis of Bradford. It was always much more about that than a few gerrymandered councils.

    At the core, whatever it’s claims of strict non-sectarianism, the PIRA was essentially a “proddy lie down” movement. A few gerrymandered councils and a ratepayer franchise was hardly ever the central motive. Portraying the IRA as the armed wing of the civil rights movement is just factually wrong. They were always, in substance, an anti unionist self determination movement. That’s what they were all about. They wanted unionists outvoted and subjugated as a mere “ethnic minority” at best in a greater Ireland. Ironically the exact opposite of their Basque allies.

    That’s your explanation. Fed by Guardian journalists talking about Northern Ireland as “Britain’s last colony” and the like, thereby legitimising that unionists and nationalists do not have equal rights.

    The dissident republicans do not need internment or lack of civil rights to justify what they do. The only justification they need, that the IRA ever needed, and that they ever will need, is that somewhere on the island of Ireland, unionists, or some other hypothetical minority, are exercising some form of self determination. Only when any form of unionist self determination ends will they have won, or indeed would the PIRA have won had they stuck to their original purpose.

  • Henry94

    The worst possible outcome of the peace process would be for nationalists to vote Sinn Fein but give tacit support to violent groups. That would make the building of trust between unionist and nationalist impossible and would again allow the worst elements in the British security establishment to define the issue in security terms. We know that road is a cul-de-sac for everybody

    Attacks on Gerry Adams are all part of that agenda. Take him out and dissidents will have achieved their number one political objective. Anyone who facilitates and supports that need not bother crying when the consequences unfold, Use your heads.

  • Seosamh913


    So in a nutshell…let’s all support Gerry because it will help Gerry otherwise the people who like Gerry now might continue to vote for Gerry but support the anti-Gerry people which would be an embarrassment for Gerry. Anyone considering not supporting Gerry should be ashamed of themselves as they will only encourage the anti-Gerry people and it would be their own fault if the anti-Gerry people started causing bother. Right ?

    Also, this trust between unionists and nationalists you speak of, how well’s Gerry doing with that would you say ?

  • John O’Connell

    The dissidents are going to provoke a form of civil war eventually if they continue on this path. Bosnia is undoubtedly part of their plan to achieve reunification, and then it is going to be a reunification so volatile it won’t be worth having. Why use violence when you can use peace? Is empathy too much to ask? Does Christianity serve any purpose in their minds?

    There are those in the loyalist community who will never compromise too? Why don’t they fight them instead of following a campaign that, like the Provos, entails sneaking up on unsuspecting targets. Stop intimidating the same kind of cronies into supporting you and thinking you have support. Stop the killing!