Nationalists appeal to BBC Trust on debates.

Trying to work every possible alternative to legal action Plaid Cymru and the SNP appeal to the BBC trust for a fair outcome.
“…A Plaid Cymru spokeswoman said: “As the scheduled date of broadcast nears, the exclusion of Scotland and Wales from these debates has become all the more pressing.
“Both Plaid and the SNP are ready and willing to present our case in person at the earliest opportunity.
“Appeals of this nature are rare and we urge the trust to acknowledge and act immediately on the important democratic principles at stake here.” ”
Watch this space…


  • Plaid is the sort of party we should ignore

  • A fair outcome is the existing situation. I.e. prime ministerial debates for those competing to become prime minister. Regional debates for regional parties. If your scope isn’t national, you don’t take place in a national debate. It’s very simple.

  • Dewi

    Not good enough Chekov. Following your logic then the Green Party and UKIP would be included. Be precise about what inclusion parameters you would follow.

  • Border Fox

    One small caveat Chekov…..

    Surely by a further extrapolation of your logic the Liberal Democrats should not be involved either?