They’re all out to get me!

Check out the BBC interview with a visibly rattled and irate First Minister here.

Helpfully..ahem..I’ve included some Robinson quotes from the interview below:

“Are you so dense that you’re not picking up the point I’m making?”
“I wish you knew how silly you sound in all of this”
“Shakespeare wrote a story about this- it was called Much Ado About Nothing.”
“I’m in the business of helping people…..if somebody asks me to help them I’ll help them, even you. I will help anybody that I can.”
“who does the BBC think it is?”
“the BBC have the ability to make Mother Teresa look like Cruella Deville”
“The BBC’s consistent pattern: they raise a smear and then they go to my political opponents and they ask them to comment so they can continue with their smear campaign”
“I did not receive one penny of advantage from that sliver of land”
“Reg Empey, Michael McGimpsey Trevor Ringland, Jim Allister and the BBC are all liars”

Go watch for yourself- and don’t forget the popcorn.