Brady to be Vatican’s sacrificial lamb

The Times makes the sensational claim that the Vatican wants Cardinal Brady to quit. All sources are unnamed.

The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland will be pressed to quit if he refuses to resign over the growing child abuse scandal, The Times has learnt.
Nothing less than Cardinal Sean Brady’s resignation will diminish fury at the highest levels in Rome over his role in paedophile priest cover-ups.. Dr Brady’s exit, after the resignations of two other bishops, would set in train a Catholic reformation in the country. Other bishops are also expected to go after the influential Tablet journal called for the forced retirement of nearly all as the mood in Ireland reaches “zero tolerance”.
The Northern Ireland Assembly prepared last night to order an official investigation into child abuse in the Province after details emerged of more attacks on children by members of the clergy. The inquiry would be similar to that which uncovered a shocking litany of historic crimes in the Republic of Ireland last year. An official investigation is expected to cost up to £40 million and take no longer than five years.