“He did the bare minimum, with all the imagination and flair of a goldfish.”

I get the impression that Miriam Lord was less than impressed by Taoiseach Brian Cowen’s reshuffle “nervous nudging of chairs around the Cabinet table”. From the Irish Times sketch

The upshot? Three middle-aged men in navy suits replacing three middle-aged men in navy suits and an extra half car for the Greens. Nobody axed and just three hopefuls plucked from the back benches and given a start in the junior ranks. Biffo’s night of the rubber knives won’t go down in Dáil history and nor will his soft hand in the velvet glove reshuffle. The FF backbenchers are not happy.

Neither was former minister for social affairs Mary Hanafin, who held on to her ministerial job but was handed the “trapdoor” post of Tourism, Culture and Sport. The department was “reconfigured” from its previous incarnation of “Arts, Sport and Tourism”. Radical.