“reduce the length of time for which the Secretary of State has to be in possession of the report”

According to a BBC report there’s been a slight change of plan in relation to the publication of the “pointless” Saville Inquiry’s report. Rather than the lawyers checking “for issues of national security and right to life” after the report is handed to the UK government, they’ll do that before the official hand-over. From the BBC report

The report will now remain with Lord Saville until all the issues surrounding its publication have been resolved, which is expected to take about two weeks. It will then go to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Shaun Woodward, who will decide when it will be made public. This may be before the general election.

Or it may not…

A spokesperson for the Inquiry said the revised arrangements would “reduce the length of time for which the Secretary of State has to be in possession of the report before publication”.


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  • joeCanuck

    Might be an opportune time to invest in shares of a company that manufactures whitewash.

  • Kevsterino

    It looks like the only change announced in the report is that the report will remain in the possession of the good lord while the spooks censor it, rather than leaving the viceroy holding the bag for censorship.

  • The rigged System has other worries too, joeCanuck ….. [quote][i]So who are you as a nation working for? Some foreign World Bank and Alien Institution? Who is charging whole nations interest on money which they give them to charge interest on/money for nothing but debt credited to you to create bondage to a Capitalist System, whenever they can just print whatever every needs? Who thinks they own you and you blindly pay them to enslave you with the paper which is so easily printed.

    Welcome to the greatest scam in the history of the world perpetrated on the dumbest of animals in the world so easily brainwashed not to think but to just do as they are told ……. like eager to please little infants.

    Y’all are being played for fools by those who really do fear that you will discover the Great Game and its Perverse Deceptions that keep you Pauper Poor and they Filthy Rich……. for as Henry Ford said …. “[b]It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.[/b]”[/i]


  • Is the overall timing of this report designed to boost SF’s vote? Plenty of publicity regarding the frigging about with first will also do SF no electoral harm.

  • Procrasnow

    I am passed being surprised.

  • JohnM

    Is the redactor’s pen going to come out again, then?

  • joeCanuck

    Not all all, JohnM. It will be the truth, the whole truth, but only the bits they allow us to see.

  • joeCanuck

    It’s almost too bizarre for words. The Government lawyers will scrutinize the report for issues of National security and right to life.
    Did the Army Officers involved in this murderous rampage consider the right to life of the people about to be murdered before they sent their squaddies out with live ammunition and orders to do what it takes to show these people who are the masters?
    Did they consider National security before they turned peaceful protests into a vicious armed insurgency virtually overnight?

  • Framer

    I remember the day well Joe, waiting frightened in Belfast knowing there were going to be casualties with a crowd of thousands meeting an army tasked to prevent them marching onwards.

    The irresponsibility of NICRA was boundless.

  • Forgive me if I stick to the facts.

    Bloody Sunday was 30th January 1972. Follow the chain of responsibilty … and one reaches a Tory government (Shock! Tremors! Horror!)

    Go another way: the Widgery Inguiry. Now, wasn’t that denounced, pretty effectively, by everyone, up to and including Tony Blair’s representative-on-Earth, Jonathan Powell, as a whitewash-job?

    Next up: who gets hurt in the fall-out?

    As my cousin Ralph would have said: “Think on.” In particular, think on who gets ordured in the run-up to a particularly fractious election.

    Yeah: and I’m loving every minute of it.

  • It will be interesting to see how the Government and the Tories deal with the criticism of ‘the best army in the world’ (cough) and the at least implied criticism of the Tory leadership. Let’s hope the government does not muddle up protecting National security with covering up National wrongdoing.

    …unlike myself, many Unionists as indicated by Framer’s remarks, believe the people who were shot brought it on themselves, presumably the same logic does not apply to those soldiers and police who also got shot in the following unfolding events.

  • Alias

    [i]Rather than the lawyers checking “for issues of national security and right to life”[/i]

    The “right to life” presumably doesn’t relate to the State attempting to deprive 29 people of it, but to the anonymity of the guilty parties, with the State looking for a canny way to claim that disclosure would endanger their safety and that its al out of its hands because its Human Rights law and not the State protecting its own employees from the consequences of their actions.

  • lamhdearg

    If they release this report to soon it will hurt sf, people will have time to develop there thought process from, f**k**g brits whitewash/cover up, To nothing has changed f**k**g sf traitor’s.

  • Peter Fyfe

    He loved getting in that “pointless” no doubt.


    Do you think it is right to assume that the British army should turn live ammunition on British citizens? Why the hell do our taxes fund these people if you do?

    Who is shocked though? Did people not expect the government to watch it’s back? Though I am sure a few labour campaigners could gasp at the “revelations” of what a tory government did to British citizens. They could swing a few Lib Dems with some mock outrage.


    It is unreasonable to compare the two. One set of people was unarmed and had not signed up to be part of any armed security organisation where you surely understand your life may be at risk. I would also be suprised if you could make a career out of anti-internment matches. I am guessing they would not provide much of an income.

  • granni trixie

    Humans have not a limitless capacity to digest information. I hae always had the concern that the sheer amount of info generated by Saville Inquiry leaves room (amost) to mess about with the truth.

    I mean this is arguably one of the simplier events of the troubles to unravel. People were shot down in cold blood. Presumably what was needed thgrough the Inquiry was info re the chain of command/responsibility. Plus info which would put on record to right Widgery misinformation.So I ask again why so long, why so much info?

    NB Will that info help the families? Or be an obstacle to giving them what they want?

    But besides all that, my heart goes out to the families – talk over the next week or two will make them revisit their pain.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    >>I remember the day well Joe, waiting frightened in Belfast knowing there were going to be casualties with a crowd of thousands meeting an army tasked to prevent them marching onwards.

    The irresponsibility of NICRA was boundless.<

  • ardmaj55

    Framer [9] I take it you also think it was irresponsible for the portadown OO calling thousands on to Drumcree Hill back in ’96, or does that not count because it was ‘traditional?
    You have a double standard for every occasion.

  • ardmaj55

    Moderate Unionist [11] Point well made.
    It was interesting to listen to G. Campbell on the radio, claiming there was no need to find out what really happened because people wouldn’t change their minds and anyway it won’t satisfy anybody. [Before the Report is even published]. So Greg conveniently gives the same weight to uninformed opinion as he does to forensic experts who were at the inquiry. As Eamon McCann said, ‘we don’t need to be told the truth, but the truth needs to be [officially] told’.This to clear the victims names from being blamed for their own deaths]. But greg was delighted with Widgery’s version, he must be cut up that it’s going to be scrubbed from the record at last.

  • RepublicanStones

    I think its fair to assume that more ink from the little black markers would have been spared if the British armed forces were not currently at war in the middle east. Producing something which paints their forces in a negative light aint exactly a votes winner.

  • ardmaj55

    RepublicanStones. I’m not sure that anything that the British Army did while they were here [even something as influential as Bloody Sunday] would swing votes in Britain either way. Woodward will still get to hold the report and decide when to publish it after Saville hands it over, and after the checks for national security issues [code for tampering with it].

  • Framer

    Ardmaj – some marches or demonstrations have immediate, dramatic consequences, others long term.

    The basic rule should be: don’t exacerbate inflamed situations and don’t encourage unstoppable force to meet immovable objects.

    As you know, the 1969 Burntollet march for civil rights was based on the principle of the students having the right to march anywhere they wanted, as has been the demand of the Drumcree Orangemen.

    If you support one you support the other.

  • ardmaj55

    ‘if you support one, you support the other’

    21 Framer. In principle, you’re right, but you have conveniently chosen to ignore that the PD marchers weren’t seeking a triumphalist march through specific Unionist areas. Just to go through the towns on the road from Belfast to Derry.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    You use a similar out of context frame of reference to this as the OO have taken to abusing ECHR Article 11. Freedom of assembly and association is one thing, but bullying atavists hell bent on gettin it right up ye is another.

  • Framer

    As if they didn’t know that they would be passing through numerous Protestant areas in a coat trailing manner.

    The PD (Trotskyite) aim was simply to bring down O’Neill by testing his regime to destruction. That is why NICRA under its Communist Party leadership, and to its credit, would have nothing to do with the march.

  • MonkDeWallyDeHonk


    Ardmaj55 is correct – your attempts to compare the PD marchers with the OO is contemptuous.

    They were marching on the main road – they did not attempt to deliberately march through areas where their presence would be provocative. Their organisation was open to all (unlike the OO). They were supporting civil rights for all – not the supremacy of 1 group or religion over another. They were lured into an ambush by the Police many of whom participated in the attack.

    If you applied your logic – civil rights marchs in the US or anti-Apartheid marches in SA would have been banned.

    I don’t think the openly sectarian OO with it’s banners and bands commememorating the UDA/UVF is regarded in quite the same way in the big wide world outside a few backward parts of NI.

    Also – as has been pointed out – according to your twisted logic, the OO supporters at Drumcree and a few other places should have been massacred.
    They tried to force through illegal marches – when they didn’t get their own way – they indulged in rioting, looting, arson and eventually murder. Why shouldn’t the cops/army have opened up on the then?

    You’re like a lot of Unionists. When Julie Livingstone and Nora McCabe were killed with plastic bullets – and the RUC are being exposed as having lied about that, many Unionists went on about how “these people” shouldn’t be rioting – although they clearly weren’t.

    However, when the first and I believe only Protestant was killed with a plastic bullet – and he was involved in a disturbance, there was a mass rally in protest including a walkout of most of the (oddly enough predominantly Protestant) workforce at H&W.

    Nothing like double standards eh? BTW, I still don’t support plastic bullets and never have – I’m merely using the last example to illustrate the hypocrisy of many Unionists.

    You should throw in with gc – he must be the only person in the world (or perhaps you’re the second) who defends the long since discredited Widgery “Tribuneral”.

    Still – it’s hardly likely to damage his respect and standing in the House of Commons is it? LOL

  • I have a feeling Davey Cameron may take advantage of the report to send a message to Nationalists that his Tory view of the world does not reflect the colonial attitude that led to unarmed civilians being taken out by the miliutary on their own streets and then outrageously blamed in a show-trial/investigation for their own deaths.

    If Widgery is severely criticsised in this report, which he will surely be, then he should be stripped of his WW2 wartime awards for his part in the scandal and serve as an reminder to the judiciary to uphold international standards of decency even if leaned upon by government.

  • Reader

    ardmaj: Just to go through the towns on the road from Belfast to Derry.
    …in the anti-clockwise direction. As one of the marchers – Bernadette Devlin, as was – said: “Our function in marching from Belfast to Derry was to break the truce…” As Prionsa Eoghann might say – “hell bent on gettin it right up ye”. Of course – Bernadette is more PE’s sort of atavist, so he might phrase it differently in her case.

  • ardmaj55

    MU. I agree that Widgery should be sanctioned for his original whitewash, and so should Heath for his part in the stitch up. However, I believe Saville said at the start of the inqiury that there would be a clean sheet of paper for this inquiry, so I don’t think he’ll draw attention to Widgery at all, unfortunately.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    I am perturbed to think that you still possess the mindset of a Unionist from the 60’s who reckoned that Nationalists marching for civil rights could be viewed in a similar fashion to the rabble-rousing viciously supremacist OO.

    Time to move on mo chara, after all wan man’s atavist is another mans dignified marcher on the Monarch’s highway………..allegedly!