Tohill kidnapper remanded in custody at Belfast Crown Court

Presumably when the BBC report that Henry Joseph [Harry] Fitzsimmons has been remanded in custody at the Belfast Crown Court after being “arrested in Aughnacloy on Thursday”, what they mean is that he’s been transferred from the custody of the Irish authorities. Right? He was being held on remand on a European Arrest Warrant. And, before going on the run in May 2006, he had already pleaded guilty to attempting to kidnap dissenting republican Bobby Tohill on 20th February 2004. Fitzsimmons is now due to be sentenced next month. Two of the four men who went on the run at the time were re-arrested and sentenced in February 2007 – Gerard McCrory received seven years in prison and Thomas Tolan was given a six-and-a-half-year term. Police have still not released a likeness or even a basic description of the fourth wanted man, Liam Rainey, from New Barnsley Crescent, Belfast.