Six Nations Weekend 4 – Gatland a menopausal warthog!!

Here’s the fixtures:
Ireland 27-12 Wales
Scotland 15-15 England
France 46-20 Italy

Here’s Vincent Hogan in Monday’s Irish Independent:

Sour Gatland can’t get over Irish allergy
“Gatland has a problem with Irish rugby in the way Michael O’Leary has a problem with the Dublin Airport Authority. He feels that business between them has been soured by a toxic, personal agenda which, I’m afraid, makes him snappy as a menopausal warthog.”
Funny – but this I found strange:
“One of the unexplored stories of last year’s Grand Slam game in Cardiff was the flaring unpleasantness in the Millennium Stadium stands. Ordinarily, international rugby crowds steam along amiably together, everyone florid with alcohol, but generally agreeable.
In Cardiff, the vibe was different. It was palpably sour. In maybe 15 previous visits for Wales-Ireland games, I can never remember a more menacing, confrontational vibe in the city.”
I was there – didn’t get that vibe at all to be honest:
Anyway below the fold……

Independent on new Welsh number 8 Gareth Delve
Eddie Butler thinks England are spoiling the Six Nations.
And the Western Mail on Geordan Murphy keeping out Kearney.

Don’t know how Wales can turn up with a lineoout performing like that. Italy might have chance next week.

Prediction update:

Mrazik 19
BryanS, Clanky, 17
Chris Donnelly, Intelligence Insider, Mark McGregor, 16
Gmacor, John M, Ariticles, 15
Reader, Greenflag, Tochais Sora, 14
Villager, George, 13
Jimmy Sands, 12
Iluvni, Panic, Mod U and Mayoman, 11
N Exile, 10
georgieleigh, 7
Dewi, 6

  • David Crookes

    Half the trouble in the politics of NI is caused by MWs. Here is a six-syllable phrase which is going to run and run.

  • Eleanor Bull

    I’m afraid the only rugby story worth following, ever, is here
    [One more time Elenor, and you are off the site – mods]

    Welsh rugby legend JPR Williams has been banned from driving for 17 months after pleading guilty to drink-driving.
    Cardiff Magistrates Court heard former full back Williams, 61, had sucked copper pennies in an attempt to lower a breathalyser reading.
    He believed a “myth” that copper would interfere with the machine’s function.
    Williams, of Llansannor, Cowbridge, in the Vale of Glamorgan, who works as an orthopaedic surgeon, was also fined Β£380 plus costs.
    The court heard Williams had to be told twice to remove three one-penny coins from his mouth in the back of a police car after he stopped in Cardiff on 30 January.
    Prosecutor Hannah Norton said: “There is a myth that the copper from these coins can interfere with the breathalyser machine.”

    He feels he has let his family down, his friends and those who held him in high regard for his sporting prowess
    Nigel Daniel, solicitor
    Williams had already failed one breath test after being stopped in his red Audi cabriolet.
    He was put in a patrol car to be taken to a police station for another test.
    A blood sample showed 142 mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood. The legal limit is 80 mg.
    Police stopped his car after being told a similar vehicle had been stolen, the court was told.
    Defending solicitor Nigel Daniel said: “I wonder how many other red Audis have the registration number JPR.”
    He told the court Williams and another former Wales rugby player had been entertained at London Welsh’s ground in Richmond, London, during a match on 30 January.
    The pair were chauffeured back to Cardiff before Williams took “the stupid and misconceived” idea to drive the eight miles to his home.
    Mr Daniel said: “Dr Williams was under the foolish apprehension that after a four-hour journey he would be fit to drive. It was a costly mistake.
    “To say that his arrest and detention had a salutary effect on him would be an understatement. He was terrified. He is full of remorse.
    “He feels he has let his family down, his friends and those who held him in high regard for his sporting prowess.
    “He is somebody who as a medical expert should clearly have known better.”
    ‘Mistaken belief’
    Magistrates chairman William Watt told him: “Drink driving is a serious offence.”
    Williams played for Wales between 1969 and 1981, and only stopped playing local rugby seven years ago.
    Speaking outside court, Mr Daniel said: “He regrets the actions which led him to appear here today.
    “He hopes some good will come of today and that others, both young and old, will not follow his example and will refrain from drink-driving.
    “He would also warn people not to drive in the mistaken belief that alcohol has left the system.”

    So pissed he was still pissed after a four hour drive back from London. So stupid he’s sucking pennies. A doctor twice over the legal limit…I bet that’ll sit well next time the Welsh Assembly get a medical professional to lecture on binge drinking. His solicitor attempting to infer it’s victimisation by the police?

    Sort of put’s the Chelsea Equestrian Centre (it’s a riding school) into perspective.

  • Dewi

    Not a bad full back Eleanor…

  • Jimmy Sands

    I seem to recall Gatland last year claiming that his players disliked the Irish.

    Not at all bitter then.

  • Jimmy Sands,

    re. “I seem to recall Gatland last year claiming that his players disliked the Irish”

    Yes, Wazza Gatland shouted off his chops before the Irish game and then had to apologise to Paul O’Connell for his remarks what with the boul POC being captian of the Lions. The view of him in Wales is quite ridiculous and no matter what old sbwriel (rubbish) he comes out with – Wales will soon be the best in the world etc – he is somehow commended for telling it as it is.

    I will not be surpised if Ireland put at least 30 points on them or if the there is a points difference of at least 20 (bookies say 9).

  • Dewi

    God – I’m glad Sammy is not about – I owe about Β£3m on bets..but Mod U is a soft touch so i’ll win it back easy…

  • Greenflag

    Gatland’s a gobshite not a warthog;) . No wonder the Wales have played three and lost two when it should have been played three and won three .

    It should be a good game with Ireland shading it by about 40 points πŸ˜‰ Sorry Dewi but ye have thrown it away this year πŸ˜‰

    Ireland’s record is improving . In the last 9 outings against Wales it’s been 7 wins for Ireland and 2 for Wales . We’ve won seven of the last eight against England and Scotland haven’t beaten Ireland since 2001 so if Ireland beat Scotland Saturday week that’ll be 9 wins in a row over the Scots . Irish rugby management and coaches and players can deservedly take a bow πŸ™‚
    Can’t see England beating France so it can only be a Triple Crown year for Ireland with the French taking the championship .

  • Dewi,

    In the spirit of the boul whatdoneit I’ll bet you a tenner and give Wales a 9 point start, (I get the draw) and the money to Slugger?

  • Greenflag,

    “Wales have played three and lost two when it should have been played three and won three .”

    No, it should have been played 3 and lost 3, the Scots just imploded when they saw the finisihng line.

  • Dewi

    MU – done.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    I reckon Ireland – Wales will be a lot closer than most people think. Wales have the kicking game to match Ireland’s if required. Although the Irish lineout could dominate the match totally. I’d say Ireland by 3-9 points but wouldn’t be entirely shocked if Wales sneaked a win.
    Scotland – england is another hard one to call but probably england by a few points and France to thump Italy by 30+.

  • Greenflag


    Perhaps I exaggerated a little . The Welsh are a better team than their record this year would show. And if they sneak a win I would’nt be shocked either . O’Driscoll will want his 100th outing to end on a high note .

  • Dewi

    Those are impressive statistics GF – and don’t forget you actually won a Grand Slam in the post-television period…..

  • Greenflag

    Not so long ago people were saying that the championship would be dominated almost exclusively by France and England ? Has’nt happened yet .

  • Greenflag,

    since 2003 Ireland have the big fat fellahs 7 times, winning 6, and as the Torygraph’s Brendan Gallagher, a good padophile remarked a couple of years ago, much more of this and Ireland will be dropping the fixture.

  • Greenflag


    The word is Hibernophile. You are correct re 6 out of 7 . I was including next year’s win on home ground as well;)

    I probably won’t be around to see Ireland win the 12 Grand Slams needed to match England’s record.

  • Greenflag,

    vocabularly control police or what?

  • Greenflag


    Naturlich mein Herr. Es geht ohne Frage πŸ˜‰

  • Du bist ein fraut-o-phile?

  • kraut-o-phile even?

  • Dewi

    oh well

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    sheesh, what has happened welsh rugger? complete crud!! although thought the yellow card was very harsh?

    And dewi – why have ur hairsprays side chickened out of their trip to ravenhill next friday!!! what a joke that is!!!

  • Greenflag

    Nein -Ich bin ein Kein ophile πŸ™‚ Frauophile sicher
    Anyway the Germans must have one of the most hip governments in the world . A female Kanzler -a physically handicapped Finanz Minister Schauble (wheelchair bound ) an openly gay Foreign Minister Westerwelle, a Vietnamese adopted orphan Health Minister , a mother of seven as Education Minister (iirc) .

    Hitler would not have approved .

  • Greenflag

    Commisserations Dewi . Wales probably deserved at least one try πŸ˜‰ Byrne had an off day and then the missing players were missing which just as well from an Irish view.

    Can Scotland beat Ireland next Saturday ? . Can the Hartlepool monkey hangers beat Chelsea πŸ˜‰ ?

  • Dewi,

    Wales were very disappointing, but there were a few mitigating factors – the yellow card and their lineout. Thought Roberts was the chief danger but they really failed to get going out wide.

    …and not really that impressed by Ireland, but will be more than happy with the triple crown.

    ..and dont forget to pay up.

  • Greenflag,

    “one of the most hip governments in the world ”

    Even when they do something unconventional they tend to it systematically.

  • George

    The Germans aren’t always so systematic. Schaueble was a politician before he suffered his physical handicap. That came as a result of a gun attack on him.

  • That came as a result of a gun attack on him

    not self-inflicted surely?

  • Jimmy Sands

    Anyone here old enough to remember the last time we saw an Irish scrum shove someone off the ball?

    Do not adjust your set…

  • Jimmy Sands,
    the Irish (Munster) tactics if a scrum is near the line appears to be simply concded a panalty on the first one and then shove on the 2nd one.

    Johnny Hayes – is a legg.

  • Greenflag


    ‘Even when they do something unconventional they tend to it systematically.’

    You’re generalising re an entire population . Stereotypes have a place in our historical consciousness but it would be a major error in judgement to assume that stereotypes are reality.

    George is correct above re Schaueble.

    Back to the thread /game . Even losing Darcy early on did’nt stop the team from a good win. Ireland can win the championship if England beat France 43-3 in Paris and Italy hold France to a draw or a 7 point margin and if Ireland defeat Scotland 47 – 6 .

    At this stage the last of the above possibilities seems the only one likely ;).

    Triple Crown will have to do πŸ˜‰

  • Grenglag,

    you have moved now from vocabulary-correctness to political-correctness – if they quack like ducks, waddle like ducks and look like ducks then it is reasonable to suggest they are duck-like.

    So too with an assessment of the Germans.

    I would like to see Earls in the centre where he played yesterday after Darcy went off and with Fitzgerald to come back in next year (for Darcy probably) they have in my opinion the best back line in either hemisphere.

  • Greenflag,

    re. “Grenglag”

    ..and as you can see I’m not in favour of spelling-correctness either.

  • Dewi

    Result – I predicted France Italy correctly..

  • Greenflag

    ‘if they quack like ducks, waddle like ducks and look like ducks then it is reasonable to suggest they are duck-like.’

    Not necessarily they could be Eider or a duck billed platypus ? . North or South, East or West , urban rural , Catholic or Lutheran etc etc .Chap could be from North Berlin or South Berlin from Hesse or a dour Hamburger or a humourful Rhinelander or a beer swilling Bavarian or an Ostfriesen.

    As some poet once remarked

    “Save us from the storms o Lord and from the English /Germans /French/Spanish/Russians /Japanese /Americans /Portuguese /Belgians/Dutch etc travelling abroad -especially when in uniform and armed ;(pick or delete as appropriate and dependent on geographical location and current political status)

  • No, Nein, No, in your first examples we had ducks being further sub-classified as ducks and Germans being further sub-classified as Germans – I didnt say there were not different types of each. Exactly the opposite if they behave like ducks or Germans they we will rightly describe them as German or Duck like.

    And in your second poetic example we simply cant have this gerneralisation going on to deliberately obscure meaning – is there a term for this miscreant type of jibber-jabber in logic/philosophy?

  • Dewi

    Ducks?, Germans?, Hamburgers?. Good – keep it up, anything but the rugby…

  • lamhdearg

    good weekend for the blues.

  • Dewi

    Prediction perfprmance updated.