Nationalist Response to the “Prime Ministerial” Debates…

Here’s the Western Mail report on the joint Plaid / SNP response to the broadcasters debates plans.

From Elfyn Llwyd:
“It is unacceptable for the people of Wales and Scotland to be short-changed in this way and for the leaders of London parties to be given an additional 90 minutes of prime-time exposure.
“Canada’s state broadcaster, CBC, manages to achieve balance across five parties and two languages. It is deeply disappointing the BBC currently lacks the ambition to even try.”….

Angus Robertson:
“The broadcasters, in cahoots with the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour are attempting to exclude entire countries from these leaders debates.

“This debacle underlines why Scotland and Wales need a strong voice at Westminster. A stitch-up between the London-based BBC management and the London parties has disenfranchised voters in three countries.”

And Adam Price:
“Unlike the commercial broadcasters, the BBC is publicly funded and has a responsibility to reflect the new politics in the UK. Their approach is grossly insulting to the Celtic nations and reflects the fact that the instinct of BBC executives in London is to think in a London-centric way.

“By refusing to recognise their responsibility to the one-in-five licence payers who do not live in England, the BBC no longer deserves our support. In saying that, I make no criticism of BBC Wales at all. I know that many people at BBC Wales are privately dismayed at the decision taken about the election debates…..The BBC might as well be called the EBC or the LBC (for England and London). If they are not prepared to take account of viewers in Wales and Scotland, then the licence fee should be scrapped and public service broadcasting funded by direct taxation on a devolved basis.”

The Scotsman reports on SNP and Plaid politicians….”incandescent with anger.”

Quotes the BBC:

“Together with Sky and ITV, we have this week announced that full agreement has been reached on televised prime ministerial debates during the general election campaign.”

Such arrogance – full agreement with the three London parties to establish the narrative of like it’s between these three. Total. Utter. Absolute. Scandal.

No television without representation. From Our Kingdom – very good.