“But they did not commit to publishing that report..”

The DUP/Sinn Féin “working group” on parades is due to report back to the Northern Ireland First and deputy First Ministers “By [Tuesday] 23 February”. But, as BBC NI political editor Mark Devenport noted on Thursday, there is every indication that the working group’s report will not be made public.

The FM and DFM expressed optimism that their parades working group would hit the Tuesday deadline for a report on new structures to deal with contentious marches. But they did not commit to publishing that report, indicating only that it would be forwarded to the legal draftsmen and that the public would see any legislation they might produce.

And from a separate report

But the DUP leader said there was a focus now on delivering on the devolution of policing and justice, and on implementing a new beginning to the overseeing of parades.

All parties in the Executive would, he said, be privy to the conclusions of a working group due to report within days on a new system for securing local accommodation on problem marches.

Which doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily get sight of the full report itself. And all Executive business is supposed to be confidential.

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  • Excellent work from Mr Robinson, if he can keep a muzzle on Reginald and prevent him from sharing the details with a suspicious Unionist electorate he may get away with it we may get over the finish line.

    This is a new variation on theme of cutting a deal which allows each side to claim victory with the extra added layer of obfuscation that nobody other than the parties can actually see it and challenge the parties about their claim to have got outcome they required.

    Just what the (spin) doctor ordered.

  • joeCanuck

    Peter R is becoming quite the expert in not issuing reports.
    Still, leaks, deliberate or not, always occur.It would seem that Peter hasn’t been given a complete exoneration; from a leak, the Barriser says something like “from the information given
    to me by PR, I cannot conclude that he broke any rule…”.
    Rather an arse covering type of wishy washy statement.

  • cynic47

    How can they expect the public to express any confidence in the deal if they continue to work behind closed doors and keep the finished detail inhouse? I wonder will the DUP MLA’s, especially the snowmen, be made privy to the outcome of the committee work? Silence can lead to uninformed conjecture and I would imagine that Jim will be right in there stirring it and who could blame him. Own goal or what? Read today that Iris could be about to make a Tiger Woods type public apology. Surely they can’t be serious?? Not even Dundela Avenue could come up with something as crass as this. Could they??

  • Pete Baker

    For the benefit of those already making assumptions.

    It’s worth noting that the publication of the working group’s report would require the agreement of both the First and deputy First Ministers…

  • joeCanuck

    But what about the Barrister’s report, Pete?

  • If it is Public Money paying for anything then the Public own it and have every right to revel in every letter of a report commissioned for their Greater Good.

    And if Stormont Puppets and/or Wannabe Politicians don’t want to be Servants of the People as they Lead them through the Complexities of Existence in so many dirty little secret societies and conspiratorial non-communicative parties, then don’t stand for election for the job and its easy money and dodgy perks.

    Capiche. If you can’t share what you have produced with everyone, then is it Not Fit for Future Purpose and is a Fraud knowingly Perpetrated against the Nation.

    J’accuse ….. everytime there is an attempt at such …… well, treasonous sedition and political madness are words which immediately spring to mind for such Fools’ Folly.

    And surely the Idea is to Build from the Wiser Knowledge Legacy of the Troubles, a New Nation and Administrative Assembly and State of the Art Virtual Governance InfraStructure and not just copy and report to an Old Analogue Parliamentary Clone and Apology for a Model of Good Government/Man Management and Asset Distribution …. Global MisUse and Abuse.

    Hell, even a blind man on a galloping horse can easily see that that is the systemic problem ….. repeating past failures rather than forging ahead with something Quite a Bit More Different that is Usual.

    And treat yourself to a well earned beer whenever you have full understood the Significance of Change in Power and Control Delivery as is now So Easily Immediately Universally Provided by CHAOS and NIRobotIQs *….


    February 21, 2010 at 4:46

    [i]”I would caution those who are instigating for a full blown revolution, the rulers have bigger guns and more money than God, ..” [/i]

    No …. they don’t. And it would be a Gross and a Grave Folly to Think Otherwise, MeThinks, ergo IT is , is a Novel Thought 42 Follow 4AI2CyberIntelAIgents.

    Hi ….. Wanna Play Global Operating Device with Seventh Heaven Angels in AI Cloud Hosted Advanced Operating System.

    Something More than just a Bit Different for a More of a Change than is Present for the Future.

    http://nuganhand.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/how-the-secret-team-transformed-america/ [/quote]

    *…which are, as well as being other relative things at different times in other Spaces and Places/Locales and Time Zones, …… Cloud Hosting Advanced Operating Systems and
    Networks InterNetworking RobotIQs.

    Which is just a Very Small Shared Part of a Much Greater Virtual Governance Program and AI Project being BetaTested in one Dept and Stonewalled and Sat Upon in Others, by those Providing All Party Intelligence and Special Analytical Services to Stormont Newbies/New Model Almed Recruits.