Trevor Hanna

I was very sorry to hear of the death of Trevor Hanna. He was one of the old school of Ulster journalists who began work before the troubles and survived them triumphantly. A formidable popular journalist nationally and locally, he didn’t allow his allegiances to get in the way of a good story, either written by himself or supplied to name writers in the UK national media. A freemason, he also belonged to the wider freemasonry of journalism that had no problem in personally crossing the sectarian divide. The eulogy of his professional obituary belongs to the era of Trevor at the top of his form.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Indeed those of us a certain vintage will remember how Trevor Hanna and James Kelly (then of Independent Newspapers)were fixtures in UTV and BBC Newsrooms giving the take of Unionism and nationalism on the Troubles in the early 1970s. A very fine journalist.

    Those of course were the days when our local broadcasters held the main nationalist daily (The Irish News) as being beneath them but a Dublin paper was held to be semi respectable.

    Interesting that Mr Walker alludes to Hannas freemasonry. Hardly a surprise as a quick glance at former Grand Wizards for Ireland(or whatever they are called) reveals some journalistic type names.

    Yet it does throw up an odd situation where in our divided society membership of such an organisation is perceived as being both secretive and possibly corrupting by one community but another community acknowledges membership as the very essence of decency.
    Not for me to say. I am not a member so presumably members (who obviously perceive themselves as the essence of decency) think we have no right to draw attention to it. Except of course attention was not drawm by me.

    A wider “free masonry” of journalism.? What on earth does that mean? That journalists have a special brotherhood? That they are different? Decent? That they are secretive? Furtive? Relunctant to criticise? Not just some on the square but all in an inner circle?
    Of courrse the PSNI has ruled that PSNI members must think carefully about Freemasonry. It might be seen as compromising them.

    Yet can we really trust Free Mason journalists.
    I dunno.
    Id have to know one to ask.

  • Paddy

    “Those of course were the days when our local broadcasters held the main nationalist daily (The Irish News) as being beneath them.”

    What else would sectarian Masons think? One wonders how many deaths Masonic spin caused.

  • dodrade

    Any relation to Vincent?

  • Greenflag

    paddy ,

    ‘One wonders how many deaths Masonic spin caused.’

    Well so far the Freemasons as an institution have not been found guilty of abusing the children of the poor or covering up what the current Pope calls heinous crimes i.e paedophilia 🙁

    An excerpt here below from the RC Church tells you all you need to know about that Church’s attitude to civil authority ;(

    “Those who give their name to (who are members of) the Masonic sect, or other societies of the same nature, that scheme against the Church or lawful civil authority, ipso facto (automatically) contract excommunication [the absolution from which is] reserved to the Holy See.” (Canon 2335, 1917 Code of Canon Law) Effective (May 19, 1918)

    When it comes to scheming against the lawful civil authority the RC Church in Ireland takes first place -way ahead of the Freemasons . I just wonder would the Church fathers have excommunicated themselves for their own heinous crime of keeping the crimes of their clergy and episcopals well hidden from the public ?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Vincent hanna was son of Frank Hanna, Independent Labour MP at Stormont in the 1960s.
    Also married to one of the Miss Fitts. (one of Gerrys several daughters)….possibly the one who worked on Newsnight (Anne????)

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Oh in fairness to the masons, theyre harmless enough and possibly even a product of the Enlightenment. And several have contributed enormously to our great city.
    A lot of paranoia about them….lots of fun to be had in my old place of employment by rolling up a trouser leg when a couple of them were engaged in whispering.
    Its probably not as interesting as hanging from Blackfriars Bridge like Sr Calvi.(although there was a Vatican connexion). and prolly not really much to do with the Holy Grail either. Just white middle class middle aged men in rather fetching aprons having some nice little rituals.
    The News Letter does of course have a long history of masonic involvement. As does the BBC especially locally.
    Of course masons routinely go all coy about membership. a bit like Gerry Adams in that respect.

    If anything they have lost a lot of influence…partly due to fair employment legislation. In effect they are only “competing” for 60% of the promotions available in civil service & local government here and are really only pissing off fellow Protestants.

    Of course even beyond our squalid sectarianism there is good old fashioned cronyism……of GAA, golf clubs etc.
    Mostly no big deal.
    The really intriguing thing about Mr Walkers post is that he talks about a wider freemasonry of journalism.

    You may have noticed that I am not particuarly impressed by our local journalists….its not the “on the square freemasonry of dress up” that is the problem…… is the cosy “club” of mutual respect, support etc…..which presumably Mr Walker finds so endearing and I find a pain.

  • Brian Walker

    The masonic bone has now been well and truly chewed. I only mentioned it because the obit listed his ranks etc. The wider freemasonry of journalism reference was light touch, honestly. btw you mean Eileen Fitt and yes of course, no relation. Trevor will be buried at Roselawn tomorrow(Friday).

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Oh I suspect I will return to the theme of Freemasons. Plenty of meat on that particular bone.
    Press Lodge No. 432 sounds like an interesting group of our Great and Good.
    Must bring my autograph book

  • Marcionite

    ever notice how often the editor of the Newsletter, Darwin Templeton appeared on UTV Live Tonight ie often, compared to how little the Irish News editor is invited to these discussion programmes.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Actually I think Noel Doran shows up just as often as Darwin Templeton.
    Curiously a Darwin H Templeton was Imperial Grand Wizard of the Masons in the 1990s.
    A coincidence.

    (2nd Monday of Month apparently)

  • Marcionite

    grand wizards eh? *chortle*.

  • Marcionite

    grand wizards eh? *chortle*.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    I know I know but it sounds so much better than the actual title LOL