DUP Support for Islam4UK parade through Wootton Bassett and Republican parade through Shankill?

DUP MLA Nelson McCausland used the platform of his party’s meeting with the Parades Commission today to contrast the end of apartheid in South Africa with the ‘cultural apartheid’ in Portadown, where the downtrodden Orangemen are apparently being refused a basic human right (This must call from some variation on Godwin’s law to be established with reference to apartheid.)
The ludicrousness of the proposition once again beggars belief, but it also provides the opportunity to pose a number of questions to those of similar minds with Nelson on Slugger.
Firstly, If parading is a universal right, then why have unionist politicians vehemently opposed the few republican parades which seek to infringe on interface and mixed communities (never mind pass through completely unionist residential districts.)
Secondly, does the Orange Order- and, come to think of it, DUP- support the campaign by Islam4UK to march through Wootton Bassett?
Thirdly, consider this scenario. Imagine if I wanted to organise a republican parade from Ardoyne, passing via Twaddel Avenue/ West Circular Road to the Springfield Road. I’m willing to enter into negotiations with local residents, and even unionist political parties/ church leaders/ loyalist paramilitaries. In the event of local residents refusing to not only support my right to parade but also refuse to meet with me, do you believe they are guilty of desiring cultural apartheid?