Throw money at the PMS: DUP cloud cover strategy?

Having found itself resembling the deer caught in headlights, some would appear to be suggesting that British government concessions in the form of compensation for savers in the Presbyterian Mutual Society could be the cloud cover necessary to allow the DUP to publicly endorse the very same deal it effectively rejected at Monday’s now legendary party meeting.
So the strategy’s clear then: if we can’t march in catholic areas when and where we want, then at least chuck a few million to our people.
Last month the Presbyterian Moderator, Stafford Carson, suggested that such an initiative would bolster unionist confidence (a rather opportunistic intervention by the Moderator, I’m sure you’d agree.) Personally speaking, I’m quite sympathetic to the plight of the PMS savers and would like to see the thousands of unfortunate individuals compensated in some manner. As far as fig leaf measures go, this one will hardly irk with Sinn Fein which has itself been very publicly seeking to support the savers’ campaign. Could this be the win-win scenario?
P.S. If you aren’t already doing so, keep an eye on Eamon Maillie’s Twitter page for the latest on any Hillsborough/ Stormont leaks, and for references to a popular children’s book I was reading only ninety minutes ago to my own pair of young’uns (though I’d guess Eamon’s merely hailing fellow members of the newly-formed society of nocturnal journalists.)