‘Straightforward’ answers, ‘straightforward’ votes and those Monday meetings.

David Gordon has a piece on the blame the media campaign being waged currently by the DUP (that’d be the Dodgy Under Pressure party….) You may recall the DUP issuing a scathing attack some months back on that most Irish republican of media outlets – the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Yesterday Sammy Wilson launched a blistering attack on Stephen Nolan, accusing the broadcaster of stirring up public anger and of being ‘a disgrace’; this morning, Sammy’s party colleague, Chief Apostle Gregory Campbell, delivered (50 mins in) another aggressively evasive performance, even managing to get Stephen Nolan’s salary into the discussion whilst bemoaning the quality of local journalism.

Prior to the Nolan Show, the one-time prominent DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson (1hr 48 mins in) almost got away with a cute performance on Good Morning Ulster when he consistently denied that there had been a vote during the DUP party meeting at all ‘yesterday,’ only changing his answer once the interviewer realised that the question should have referred to a meeting the day before yesterday.