Parading resolution or stalemate?

In today`s News Letter, Victor Gordon argues that the parading issue will be hard to resolve and that Drumcree is a microcosm of Northern Ireland. Interestingly, the December issue of the Orange Standard contains an article entitled `Parades Resolution Essential For The Future`.

Meanwhile Randalstown LOL 22 has donated £16,000 to the PSNI Benevolent Fund and the Royal Engineers Benevolent Fund!

  • Scaramoosh

    Drumcree is only a microcosm of N.Ireland, to those that can see no further than the end of their nose.

  • wild turkey

    ‘Meanwhile Randalstown LOL 22 has donated £16,000 to the PSNI Benevolent Fund and the Royal Engineers Benevolent Fund! ‘

    pardon my confusion. uh, but what does the sale of commemorative badges have to do with the desire of the orders to march down the garvaghy road into perpetuity?

    Kilsally, I respect your right to express your particular point of view. A view I find well past its sell by date. But WTF? The strapline: Parading resolution or stalement? is misleading. But ultimately tells me all i need to know.

    S’cuse moi. Back to watch the gripping conclusion of Mississippi Burning.

    y’all take now. here.

  • aquifer

    Sorry 16K will not cover the damage

  • Echos

    Many soundbites from DUP negotiators in recent days about a deal which will be acceptable “to the people of Ulster”. Can we assume this is code for the Orange Order? The wink and elbow language of delight, indeed.

    At the risk of being pithy, why doesn’t McGuinness point out that any deal agreed on Loyal parades could indeed be put to the “people of Ulster”, including Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan? In fact, you could throw in the National question as well.

    Perhaps the plebiscite could be proposed in poetry:

    Garvaghy Road: July Evening

    The bands go by in twos and threes –
    There’s a march on Brendan Kenna’s road today,
    And there’s the half-talk code of ‘Ulster’
    And the wink-and-elbow language of delight.

    Half-past twelve and there is not a taig
    Upon a mile of road, but shadows thrown
    by peeler, brit and bowler hats, tapping
    loyal secrecies of stone.

    The DUP has what every poet hates in spite
    Of all the solemn talk of contemplation.
    Oh, Alexander Selkirk knew the plight
    Of being king and government and nation.
    A road, a mile of kingdom. I am king
    Of banks and stones and every blooming thing.