Sinn Fein about to breach the DUP’s defences?

Martin McGuinness addressed the annual Blood Sunday commemoration march this year. There was much in his speech (covered on the Sinn Fein website) about seeking truth and justice over the events that day: maybe a little less about his refusal to answer some questions put to him due to his “IRA oath.” On the topic of devolution of policing and justice McGuinness has this to say:

“These talks were about equality. It was about rights. Your rights, my rights, our rights. These are not negotiable. They are entitlements.
The right to a proper policing service, the right to institutions which
deliver, the right to see poverty tackled. I am happy to say we have made
significant progress. Institutions which don’t deliver are worthless and
something I will not be involved in. I now hope we have a basis upon which
nationalists, republicans, unionists and loyalists will move forward
together on the basis of partnership and equality.”

The BBC are also reporting that John O’Dowd suggested: “I am glad to say that politics is slowly grinding forward.”

It is beginning to look as if Sinn Fein think a deal will be done. In addition with the discussion on “entitlements” it may be that Sinn Fein are preparing for the next battle in the process. If they win on getting P&J devolved what will the next target be: Irish language Act? the Shrine? As I said on Open Unionism the DUP’s Defence in Depth has been a good tactic. However, it is the last line about to be breached?