“They’re unprofessional with what they’re doing.”

Have Community Restorative Justice schemes made any progress in dealing with their actual remit since being accredited and publicly funded? That remit doesn’t include scaring away extortionists by the way… Nor does it cover a proxy battle over the “name of Irish republicanism” – mandate or no mandate. And how is their “pattern of work” these days? With another suspected paramilitary shooting in Londonderry, this from a BBC Radio report

Harry Maguire is an ex-IRA prisoner who was convicted of murder. He now works for Community Restorative Justice, an organisation who try to stop punishment shootings. “A number of the shootings that have taken place over the last year have been done in a very haphazard manner,” he said. “They’re unprofessional with what they’re doing. There’s been a number of these punishment shootings where the intention has been to shoot someone in the knees. On one occasion a person was shot in the shoulder.”

The protocols for accredited CRJ schemes were noted here.