Buttering them up?

It appears that Team Alasdair are a shrewd bunch. This from Eamon Mallie’s twitter service just over an hour ago:
“No buns – No Government!”SDLP largesse welcomed by media. Buns and saugage rolls courtesy of Mc Donnell/ Mc Glone services.”
Keep the media on side, boys. Looks like Team Maggie slept in on that one!

  • pete whitcroft

    There will be a unionist pact one way or another and it will be buttered toast.
    Fair play though to the gang.

  • ranger1640

    Team Alasdair, seems to have forgotten, the first principle of politics. There are no principles.

    I wonder how many Unionist his party contacted when the SDLP suggested they should team up with Fianna Fail, Fina Gael and Irish Labour???

    To promote debate across the island of Ireland about the economic, social and political issues common to the people of Ireland, North and South, to;

    Politically support and campaign for the SDLP in Northern Ireland as the voice of the New Ireland, and;

    To engage in conversations on social and economic issues with the churches, the trade union movement, business organisations, the unionist community and civic society, North and South, with a view to strengthening confidence, cooperation and trust between the people on this island.

  • pete whitcroft @ 08:55 PM:

    That depends on whether the NI electorate (or at least the unionist half) can be persuaded to swallow this pap without copying Mr McCann’s gagging reflex:

    he “wanted to vomit” ; and/or
    he “felt like vomiting”.

    So, win or lose, in the true spirit of Northern Irish opportunism, it looks as if someone will fill their boots on the basis of this little stitich-up.

  • ranger1640

    Obviously David Cameron is putting political pragmatism before political opposition.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Is this not a post about the SDLP buns? where does DC come into it?

    BTW they could possibly win my vote via that means, shallow eh.

  • Cynic2

    Funny that McCann didn’t seem like the Vomiting type today,did he? Nor did Sheila Davidson. And he’s so annoyed that he’s still a party member

  • Of course, while the media are being fed buns and franks in a blanket, sugar-starved Eamonn is keeping up his culinary theme with tweets that

    The DUP has gone to the pub! These talks are going to drive me to the drink!

    I knew you guys would draw the wrong conclusion! The Hillside Bar is one of Hillsborough’s best eateries! Peter and his friends are eating.

    Wait for this! Reg and his friends have gone to the Plough. All hands to the Plough. Every Unionist is ravenous in this town!

    The SDLP better hope that Alasdair kept back some food for them. Sinn Fein may yet have to make the trip down to the 24 hour McDonalds at Sprucefield before doing a U-turn and heading back to the castle.

  • John O’Connell

    Fair play to Alasdair. Sinn Fein only give to those they want to own.

  • Cynic2

    Can we just be clear –

    1 did Alistair fully consult the UUP and DUP on his proposals and give them the chance to be present during the said purchase of buns and sausage rolls

    2 if not did he fully and openly brief them immediately after the purchases

    3 were these buns and sausage rolls procured from a protestant owned bakery or a catholic one or both? In the case of the sausage rolls, were the pigs providing the meat protestant pigs or catholic pigs?

    4 what steps did he take to ensure that the range of buns chosen was representative of the whole community and not associated with any particular group or faction eg avoidance of all green icing and any untoward colour combination’s of green white and gold?

    5 did he pay for the said buns in a mixture of Irish Euro and Sterling to ensure that the payment contained a representative mixture of national symbols

    6 did he fully consult the Health Minister in advance to ensure that said items fully comply with Executive policies on Healthy Eating

    7 your post isn’t clear. Was he giving them away or selling them perhaps as the first steps towards another career should he lose his seat

  • Should Alasdair not be spending his time asking his friends in Fianna Fail why the SDLP are being ignored at the talks? It’s okay having a laugh about buns but he appears to be blind to the fact that Fianna Fail are having a laugh at him.

  • Cynic2

    Surely Fianna Fail couldn’t have one sided talks with the SDLP without involving the Unionists. And in a big house too. Shocking.

    After his remarks this week perhaps they aren’t willing to climb down into the gutter with him.

  • BillyMena

    Margaret Richie has been spotted in Marks at Sprucefield buying up all their bacon, sausages, eggs, soda bread and potato bread. Apparently Mallie is partial to a bit of fadge.

  • Occassional, Margaret was on the radio this morning insisting, three times in a row to three different questions, that “the SDLP are in subtstantive ongoing talks with the PM, the Taoiseach, the SoS and the Irish Foreign Minister.”

    That doesn’t sound like they are being ignored as you say.

    Are you wrong, or is Margaret???

  • Dunumian

    Good on Alasdair am from Downpatrick and its good to see that he appreciates the foot soldiers the people that are expected to carry forward the manifestos for the leadership of the SDLP by Ritchie and yours truly especially after standing outside hillsborough castle day and night Ritchie is like Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake”
    PS She forgets her roots and where she came from its ordinary people on the ground that put them all there

  • Dunumian

    Maggies face today on the news was like a dog swallowing a wasp: on the food /culinary scene she probably thought it was the LAST SUPPER

  • Come on Occassional, that’s a dissapointing overnight silence when questioned about your “we were ignored” whine and Margarets “we are heavily involved”‘spin’.

    Has Alex not told you what you are allowed to say yet?

  • Snowstorm, the issue is that they are being excluded from all party talks, as reported by both the UUP and SDLP last night on the telly. No one said they didn’t meet the two governments. Maybe that’s why Alasdair had time to go out and buy buns!

    Dunamian/ Terry, when did Eamon become an SDLP foot soldier who carries the manifestoes for the leadership?

  • Occasional – that’s poor. I’m dissappointed.

  • Patsy McGlone on Twitter- Just got following text: “Let’s hope all the parties can agree by Friday, there were enough lives lost in the first Hillsborough disaster”

    Team Alasdair are a real bunch of jokers.

  • Mrazik

    Does that make Patsy a twitterer or a twat?