Everyone is here but will there be talks

All parties have turned up at Hillsborough this morning for talks but the strange thing is there is very little evidence of an inclusive process.

Word from inside the building is that Sinn Fein are resisting all party talks. The SDLP will be making it clear to both government’s this morning that unless there is an inclusive process the potential for success will be serioulsy diminished.

Quote of the day goes to a friend on Facebook this morning who said it was clear that the DUP and Sinn Fein seem more interested in being so called ‘world news’ then actually doing their jobs back at Stormont. This morning the Assembly will receive a petition from Dominic Bradley MLA on a major crisis in special needs education. Our team will be here to lead the debate. Its an awful pity this region’s leaders attention will be elsewhere.

  • J Kelly

    Conal i hope we are not going to get a look what i did at school today report from you everyday…please spare us from how wonderful you in the sdlp all believe you all are, except that is when it comes to elections when it is every man women and child for themselves.

    The sdlp will be making it clear to both governments this morning that whatever is on offer we will accept.

  • Rory Carr

    After reading the above wannabe whinge I was inspired to seek out a recording of Shirley Bassey singing, I Who Have Nothing. Poor Conall, just like Shirley, with his “nose pressed up against the window pane”.

    But then my daughter pointed me towards the lyrics of this song by Jordan Pruitt and I have to admit it really hits the button:


  • Mick Fealty

    Boys, when you have quite finished playing the ball rather that not the man… I would take it from this that Sinn Fein are not looking at this as an end game (how could it be when they are not exploring all possible avenues…)

  • Bangordub

    Events, as ever, are overtaking us.
    Cameras being called into Hillsborough for all party family pic’s.
    Central point is surely if the other parties are having any meaningful input into the negotiations or merely being expected to fall into line.
    As for the Shinners, they have always played a long term strategic game. I would be surprised if anything had suddenl changed there