“It’s obviously an alien probe”

The Professor has some fun with the discovery of a mystery 10m-wide Near Earth Object, 2010 AL30, which flew past today missing the Earth by about 80,000 miles – about 1/3 distance to the Moon.

DUH — IT’S OBVIOUSLY AN ALIEN PROBE. Friendly and sending back pictures? Or hostile and dropping lethal nanobots? We’ll know soon!

And I, for one, welcome our new alien nanobot overlords.From Space Weather

Discovered barely three days ago, 2010 AL30 is catalogued as a 10m-class asteroid. Curiously, however, its elliptical orbit has a period of almost exactly one year, the same as Earth. This raises the possibility that it might be a piece of some spacecraft from our own planet. NASA’s Goldstone radar in the Mojave desert was scheduled to ping 2010 AL30 between 2:20 and 4:40 UTC on Jan. 13th. The echoes should reveal the nature of this interesting passerby. Stay tuned for updates.

In Colombia, amateur astronomer Alberto Quijano Vodniza used a 14-inch Meade LX200 to record the close approach – full animation here

2010 AL30