Insider opinion in the DUP swinging against Robinson….

Radio Four noted a source close to Ian Paisley Junior believes Peter Robinson’s position looks increasingly untenable… So far as we can tell, that’s not just schardenfreude, it’s fairly reflective of the general feeling inside the party… In fact, it is our understanding that after last nights meeting, the only people who are giving him a clear message that he can survive are his closest political advisors…

  • Slartibuckfast

    I don’t know if it’s been reported here yet but Iris has got the sack.*

    *No, I won’t use that to make a rude joke.

    Breaking News

    1:17pm UK, Saturday January 09, 2010
    Iris Robinson Sacked Over Toyboy Scandal

    The Democratic Unionist Party today dumped disgraced MP Iris Robinson.

    Her membership has been terminated and she will leave Westminster and her MLA’s position in Stormont as early as next week because of the shame over her financial dealings with a toyboy lover.

    A party source said: “The next few days is absolutely critical for the party.

    “We wanted to show people we were acting divisively.

    “There was no question about it, she had to go and go now.

    “There was absolutely no sympathy for the position she found herself in.”

    The source said party officers would meet as early as Monday to decide who would replace Mrs Robinson as MLA in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

    However there will not be a by-election for her Westminster Strangford seat as a general election is likely before the formal writ can be moved.

  • Ulick

    Junior’s revenge?

  • Tiny

    “We wanted to show people we were acting divisively.

    What a laugh, there wasn’t much action over the Paisley’s expensive Ballymena offices, to late my friends, to late, Dave Trimble must be laughing his old socks off!!!

  • Mick Fealty

    It might well be Ulick, I could not possibly comment. But it also has the great utility of also being the truth.

    Slarti, can you please use a shortening service like for posting links? It screws the formatting to hell… (we may have a smarter solution on the new site)…

  • Mr Crowley

    “We wanted to show people we were acting divisively

    Business as usual for the dupers.

  • Slartibuckfast

    Oh yeah, I should have done that. Can it be edited?

  • Mr Crowley

    I’ve seen quote from the Irish Times which has it written exactly the same way Slarti….seems as though the old ‘united we stand’ Unionist maxim has been shelved.

  • Slartibuckfast

    Mr Crowley,

    No I meant the size of the link, although I had noticed that bit too meself. I wonder about it…Freudian slip?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Slarti, if you use the proper URL notation this won’t happen. It shows you how to do it right below the comment box.

    [a href=”url”]link[/a] (swap the square brackets for angle brackets.

    For example, Sky News link

  • Slartibuckfast

    I know, I do that usually if the link is too long, I just forgot tot his time.

    Just delete the post if it’s causing bother.

  • percy

    peter stays,anything else is just “tossing off”

  • fpveritas

    Who is going to pay for all these enquiries?
    All is not lost Iris still has her £300.00 pen
    Really expensive coffee table and table lamp

    Down side Iris has lost the respect of ALL Secent people regardless of their political persuasion

  • fpveritas

    I believe that Paisley senior had nothing to say last night when he left a meeting

    This should be recorded in the Guiness Book of Records!

  • danielmoran

    msg 3 Tiny. ‘We wanted to show we were acting DECISIVELY’ [I assume was meant]

    That’s a good one alright. The Party leader knew about Iris’s money greed for thrty years and it’s safe to assume the top brass knew for as long.
    Who do these people think the’re kidding.