When does Iris actually resign?

Jim Allister made an important point on the Nolan Show this morning that Peter Robinson can ‘resign’ his wife automatically since in 2007 he insisted all his MLAs sign resignation letters in advance so that if they went off piste he could remotely pull the trigger… Allister was obviously trying to pile the pressure on Robinson, but it does actually put the timing of his wife’s departure back in the hands of the First Minister….

For the record, Mrs Robinson is on her way to Chamonix for a winter holiday next week…

  • Mr. J.

    Off piste? Iris off to Chamonix?

    Oh Mick, how very droll.

  • Davros

    Chamonix in January, how delightful.
    Guess those debts(?) she needed dead Fraser’s money for must now be paid off.

  • joeCanuck

    And I imagine that when she falls and breaks her neck on the ski slope the blogs are going to be full of speculation that she was pushed.

  • Dunumian

    i think both should resign immediately after the annus horribili for the ceaucescus sorry robinsons Stormont Westminster and Local Politics deserve a good clean out and public confidence will be restored in politics here in NI

  • cut the bull

    How not ASAP, like now

  • Seimi

    It’s amazing, the holiday deals you can get for around the £5k mark…

  • joeCanuck

    If this sordid affair is investigated by the Ethics Commissioner at Westminster and whatever exists in N.I. the normal thing would be for the PM or FM to step aside until exonerated and to stay aside if not exonerated.
    That requires some honour, though, and there appears to be fewer and fewer persons of honour in our politics (yes, Canada too) as time goes on.

  • cut the bull

    Some politicians are like bananas.They all start off straight and green and end up yellow and bent.

  • Yellowford

    Imagine what it was like on Christmas Day in chez Robinson knowing all was about to hit the fan. The observer of farce rejoices. NI politics hasn’t been this exciting for years. Who knows what will happen next? Stay tuned folks and enjoy the show…

  • Driftwood

    All at the taxpayers’ expense. The voters of the Ards peninsula must be so proud.
    Hope she is well chaperoned, all those 19 year old ski instructors.

  • joeCanuck

    I do hope Turgon pops up later to give us his insight into how all of this will be received by fundamentalists Protestants.

  • Mark McGregor

    This calls into doubt claims Iris is too ill to respond to the revelations. If she is well enough to leave behind the support of healthcare professionals she is surely well enough to address her mess

  • joeCanuck

    I have to agree, Mark. Something seems to be not right.

  • Mr. J.


    Surely you aren’t suggesting that smokescreen after smokescreen is being put up to obscure the individuals involved from having to answer some sticky questions? Preposterous!

  • Yellowford

    Could someone tell me when is the earliest the next Stormont election can be called and who can call it? Might be something non-DUP parties could consider…

  • joeCanuck

    Perhaps it’s more a case of being unable to face extreme embarrassment.
    Nevertheless, the questions will have to be answered eventually, most likely to the Ethics Commissioner.

  • danielmoran

    MSG 3 joe canuck. Perhaps Iris slipped while walking widdershins round Kirk.

  • Dewi

    I wonder if Mrs Robinson is hoping that the European arrest warrent thing is as effective as it was with Liam Adams. Surely criminal charges are imminenet?

  • Greenflag

    cut the bull,

    ‘Some politicians are like bananas.They all start off straight and green and end up yellow and bent.’

    Whats with the some ?

    And I’ll have ye know Iris did not start off straight and green -She started off straight and orange and it was only after the menopause that she went bananas . It could have happened to a bishop and I believe worse did happen to bishops 😉

  • Mr. J.


    The Prime Minister makes a call on elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly and when they take place. Ultimately, it is his decision.

    Another interesting wee point is that if Iris doesn’t resign immediately, and simply stands down in the next election, she is entitled to what is effectively severance pay. If she resigns, she doesn’t get her golden handshake. Same goes for Peter…

  • joeCanuck

    You’ve lost me. Presumably widdershins is Ulster-Scottish?

  • Yellowford

    Mr J,
    how long have we got then until the next election then? When’s the threshold? The last election was 07, so is the next one due on 2010? Can this be brought forward if the other parties forward a motion of no-confidence in the executive. Sinn Fein are already chomping at the bit over policing and justice. It could be also be a time for the UUP and the TUV to make considerable ground.
    Just food for thought…

  • Davros

    I remember that time I was mentally ill, the doctor said its best I engage in really strenuous physical activity for several days, ideally propelling myself down a mountain at high speed.

  • When Woods’ wife stayed there, the NY Daily News reported it as an “$8000-a-night hideaway.” Excuse the gossip-mongering.

    I’ll balance by again asking why Selwyn Black didn’t delete the messages if his loyalty was only to the DUP.

  • joeCanuck


    I don’t believe there will be another Assembly election without new talks/discussions on how to rule this sorry place. No matter whether Robinson resigns or not. The present Assembly arrangement was a bold try but it required both main parties to learn the art of compromise. It’s currently unworkable.

  • Mr. J.

    Well the Prime Minister can call one for immediately if he really wanted to.

    Same time period as Westminster otherwise, four years, so 2011 would be the next scheduled election.

    One thing I would think is that the PM is unlikely to call for new Assembly elections if the DUP weren’t in agreement, and given the losses they would probably incur, the chances of that are somewhat slight.

    What would be more likely is for one of the large parties to withdraw, collapse the Assembly, re-negotiate and re-elect.

    Which would ultimately cost the taxpayer more money, leave NI under direct rule for a period during re-negotiation, and then have to settle a new Assembly.

    If it came down to a vote of no-confidence, I’m sure the parties would opt for the least painful option for the electorate.

    Of course they would.

  • Kevsterino

    What is the chance of the inn on the lagan in question becoming a gay mecca?

    I mean, were I a gay man living in Northern Ireland, I would certainly give the place my regular business. The owner would be my hero.

  • Mr. J.

    And I’m with JoeCanuck on this one, until the parties realise that they have to stop this ‘Unionist/Nationalist first: Education, health, development second’ mentality and that they need to represent people from all backgrounds and walks of life, regardless if they disagree with their politics, the Assembly will ultimately fail.

    Personally, I’m hoping the coming generation that didn’t grow up during the Troubles and don’t see the Assembly as an excuse to air 30 years of dirty laundry will fare better.

  • Rory Carr

    So Iris is headed for a slippery slope. Hasn’t she already been warned where this leads? Some people never learn.

    Scene 1: A chalet near Chamonix. A woman guest is greeted by a flunky.

    “‘Allo, Madame Robinson, I am Pierre. Mon fazaire ees le boucher and I am living in ze gate lodge eef vous need moi.”

    ” Bonjour, Pierre. Call me Iris. That’s a lovely wee gate lodge. You could turn it into a smashing wee apré piste bistro.”

    “Ah, madame, but, je n’ais pas des euros. Ow you say, of ze readies I am staturally challenged.”

    “Mmm… let me think about it, Pierre. Why don’t you call round later for chocolat. Midnight suit you?”

    “A bientout, madame.”


    “Eye – reese, a bientout…. cherie.” Exits.

    “Cherie? God he thinks I’m the wife of that other useless first minister. He had to go as well before he was pushed. Oh well….” Applies lipstick while humming, “Killing him softly with her song…”

  • Driftwood

    Do you think her choice of reading material for the flight will be ‘Barely Legal Hunks’ or ‘Teen Taig Tigers’?

    Gets awful lonely out in those chalets at night…

  • Mrazik

    Do you think her choice of reading material for the flight will be ‘Barely Legal Hunks’ or ‘Teen Taig Tigers’?

    Gets awful lonely out in those chalets at night…

    Posted by Driftwood on Jan 08, 2010 @ 05:41 PM

    No, there’s a new book just out from an upcoming young east Belfast writer: “The Lying, the Witch and the Whistle Blower”

  • union mack

    back to the issue, will Reg and the UUP use this opportunity to properly stick the knife into Robinson? after all, the man has spent over 30 years trying to destroy the UUP. does Reg have the balls? or is a strongly worded statement as much as he will muster (as usual)

  • cut the bull

    I would be surprised if the Brit Govt does’nt start a Keep Pete campaign in the very near future,smilialr to the save Dave campaign of the past when Trimble was undert pressure, although the circumstances are alot different.

  • cut the bull

    Imagine if Peter does go.The next potential leader of the DUP. Who could it be? Would it be a blessing or a disaster?

  • cut the bull

    Who would be favourite

    Nigel Doods 4/6
    Gregory Campbell 4/7
    Arlene Foster 9/2
    Jeffery Donaldson 11/2
    Edwin Poots 7/1
    Willie Mc Crea 11/1
    Ian Paisley jnr 100/1

  • CTB

    I would put Dodds more 1/3, near enough a castiron. Arlene on top of Gregory (metaphorically speaking), Wee Jeffrey a crafty outside bet at 20-1. The rest 1000/1 and I’d include Paisley Sr in that motley “if a helicopter were to drop on Dundela Ave and wiped out everybody sane who’d be left?” crew.

  • cut the bull

    with a moralistic mood swing within the DUP its always safe to retreat to the far right hence Gregory second co at 4/7.
    It would most likely make sense to have Arlene as second favourite but it is the DUP we are dealing with.