Fever pitch at Stormont…

David Gordon has a piece on the feverish speculation over the fate of the Robinsons that’s got Stormont in a tizzy. After a day and a half of looking for the cause, I’ve come up with little that’s fit to report, other than the speculation revolves around a Spotlight (not Panorama as previously reported) programme scheduled in two weeks. But no one, and I stress no one, I have spoken knows what’s planned for that programme.

What we do know is that members of Gerry Adams’ kitchen cabinet are telling Eamonn Saturday is crunch time. However, other senior party sources are telling Mark Devenport and Ken Reid that Saturday’s Ard Comhairle meeting is not a big deal. IAt the same time the questions on the one real story we actually do have just keep pilling up for Gerry Adams…


  • Paul

    Mick of course the questions are piling up on Gerry Adams they have ever since this scandal broke and it will only get worse for both gerry adams and sinn fein.What is so amazing is that the man GA is still in his position as leader of SF.He simply has not got any moral authority to be.

  • Paul

    just to add mick then we have the Sinn fein cry baby antics of wrecking the assembly because they cant get there own way the sinners pluck there own artifical date out of the air for P and J. then the sinners make threats and use bully boy tatics if you dont do as we sinn fein say we the 27 minority of MLAs will wreck the assembly majority ie 80 = MLAs.Well go and wreck the assembly you big sinn fein cry babies.