Eames and Quigley confirm UDA commissioning…

Lord Eames and former civil servant Sir George Quigley verified the putting beyond use of UDA guns. This was confirmed today at a press conference held by the Ulster Political Research Group. The UDA said “all weaponry under its control has been put verifiably beyond use.”

  • The Blow-In

    Obviously I’m the only person who is flabbergasted that the decommissioning by the UDA has provoked absolutely no comment on Slugger for almost 24 hours….

  • Stroke City Emboli

    Shame the story got dwarfed. Anyway – the decommissioning was overseen by Northern Ireland’s Statler and Waldorf (see Muppets). What did those two old guys know about what they were seeing? I bet it was an old .303, some packets of digestive biscuits and a few air rifles.