“banal and silly”

The still Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams thinks that the Northern Ireland Secretary of State’s comments yesterday where “banal and silly”. [Pot, kettle, black? – Ed] But then, apparently, rather than there being “difficulties between the DUP and SF”, he also thinks that any current political difficulties are “a result of the failure of the DUP to fulfil its obligations under the terms of the Good Friday and the St Andrew’s Agreements.” Are we still in May? We’re certainly past Christmas. Some clarity on the background to Sinn Féin’s latest “crisis”. And let’s remind Mr Adams of something his party colleague, and Northern Ireland deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, told the Assembly back in May 2008.

“However, agreement between the political parties (as you well know) remains the key determinant before detailed steps can be taken to implement devolution of justice.”

But it’s not the possibility of success “just around the corner” that Gerry Adams objects to, it’s Shaun Woodward’s and [Irish Foreign Minister] Michael Martin’s refusal to set “artificial deadlines”. That would be interfering in the “indigenous” deal. And, as you well know, Gerry doesn’t want that to happen. Now about those other questions…