Helen Lewis RIP

Can I add my condolences to the family of Cahal Daly, a man who in my experience played an important role in bringing peace to our land.

The BBC also reports today the death of Helen Lewis, one of the North’s few survivors of Auschwitz. I never met her but know many who’s lives she touched as a dancer and a living connection to the darkest period in modern European history.

We have lost all too many this Christmas and new year.

May they all rest in peace.

  • willis

    Among many memories of Helen, who was an inspirational mentor to my wife Sheena and many other dancers, is this poem by Michael Longley which he read at the Lyric tribute.

    A Linen Handkerchief
    Written and presented by Michael Longley for Helen Lewis.

    Northern Bohemia’s flax fields and the flax fields
    Of Northern Ireland, the linen industry, brought Harry,
    Trader in linen handkerchiefs, to Belfast, and then
    After Terezin and widowhood and Auschwitz, you.

    Odysseus as a girl, your sail a linen handkerchief
    On which he embroidered and unpicked hundreds of names
    All through the war, but in one corner the flowers
    Encircling your initials never came undone.


  • DoctorWho


    A fitting tribute to a remarkable person who when they were very young experienced things no child should ever witness, but unfortunately still do all over he globe.

    I have her book which she kindly autographed for me.