Liam Adams hands himself in

The BBC are reporting that Liam Adams went to a police station in Sligo on Monday. They could not detain him as a European arrest warrant had not been issued. However, Mr. Adams gave his address and said that he was willing to be questioned over the allegations against him. The PSNI are apparently working to prepare a European arrest warrant.

  • Fabianus

    Good news. My only hope is that the flurry of media attention (not to mention blogging!) hasn’t jeopardised the trial he merits, if guilty, and the concomitant punishment.

    Aine deserves justice. She must get it.

  • percy

    Good News,
    European arrest warrant? *shakes head*
    not tonite josephine.

  • lorraine

    if ever a case demonstrated the absolute failure of the ability of the institutions of the state to protect the weak and vulnerable, this is it.

    the ruc let him run, the social services failed for reasons as yet unknown, gerry had his part and all along the trauma and pain of aine and her mother continued unabated.

    and now this: we can’t arrest you as we have no warrant!

    tonight a monster could still be roaming free.

  • Paul

    totally agree lorraine questions are going to keep being asked on this.

  • querulus

    good news, hopefully brings closure nearer for the victim.

  • Paul

    I note the sinners/trolls/spinners think this is all over you are so wrong Gerry adams has questions still to answer.

  • al

    All over? How? If he was serious about handing himself in he would step across the border. I’m sure he was well informed that the Gards couldn’t touch him.

  • joeCanuck

    Quite correct in both cases, Fabianus.
    On this site alone there have been quite a few who have found, not only the father, but also the uncle, guilty.
    Aine does need to be heard and justice must be done, but only after due process.

  • Seamus

    I think gerry himself has found both his father and brother guilty, has he not.

  • joeCanuck

    Yes, Seamus, it would appear so. But that’s not due process.

  • Fabianus


    In this case, as in many others, I don’t think we ought to rely on the word of His Grisliness. We must let the evidence accumulated from disinterested parties go before a judge. Only then can Aine obtain justice.

  • Fabianus

    That should have read “by disinterested parties”.

  • Seamus

    Yes, Seamus, it would appear so. But that’s not due process.

    Posted by joeCanuck on Dec 22, 2009 @ 10:43 PM

    Your right Joe
    i was just day dreaming back a few years when the due process would have put something in liam`s head on the word of a certain man.
    Well after 1987 into the bargain.

  • Paul McMahon

    I predict that when the case eventually reaches court Liam Adams will plead guilty to all charges to keep a lid on things.

    There are a number of bodies / people that need to answer questions not least Gerry Adams, Aidan Troy, the [then] RUC and Social Services.

    Aine’s a relative of mine and to see her being let down by those that should have protected her has been heartbreaking. The dignity, courage and tenacity shown by Aine in this whole sordid saga is not just a reflection of the strong young woman that she is but reflective of the entire Corrigan family