“There are still days left to Christmas..”

I’ve had to separate this clip from the previous post due to technical issues. Anyway, here’s the blogging Ken Reid’s studio analysis of that press conference. As I said, it sounds as if there was another “We’re not in May” moment too.

Video courtesy of UTV. Update As spiritof07 points out in the comments zone, here’s a more explicit paragraph from the Ashdown Interim Report – which contains the signature of, amongst others, Sean Murray.

“Consistent with our desire to re-connect parading and related issues to the political process, we believe that their effective resolution can best be achieved within the wider context of the transfer of policing and justice, while recognising that the timing of these matters remains the prerogative of members of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Government.”

As I said previously, that linkage, and others, was also being noted by Mark Devenport’s anonymous sources in April 2009.