Queries in Catalunya

Today’s the day. 700,000 Catalans are eligible to vote in referenda organised by local municipalities on independence.
The Scotsman reports that 161 villages and towns are to follow the lead of Arenys De Munt in September where 96% of the 40% turnout voted for independence. Girona voting today – Barcelona in the New Year.
Syniadau has been following closely. He’s running a live results blog tonight. To the sentimental amongst you he referred to the story of an Englishman in Catalunya. That’s really worth a read.

Implications? – well the Spanish government managed to ban the Basque referendum propsed by Juan José Ibarretxe but is seemingly powerless in this case. The background to it all is a critical decision due from the Constitutional Court of Spain. Is the Statute of Automony legitimate comstitutionally?. Challenged by the Partido Popular the Court is due to report soon. Whatever the referenda result I humbly suggest in the current climate restricting Catalan powers wouldn’t seem the wisest approach to maintaining the Union.
Note that FC Barcelona have taken sides –About 8 paragraphs down.
Independencia… tu decideixes!!

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